Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace for the Winter

One can never go wrong with having an outdoor living space.

It is an extension of the house where you can relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. However, it might be hard to stay outside during the winter. Thankfully, you can install an outdoor wood burning fireplace so you can continue to enjoy the vista outside your home.

Picking the Right Model of Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Picking the Right Model of Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Your family will enjoy having outdoor fireplaces during winter; it is among the best remedies to keep your backyard cozy. While wood burning outdoor fireplaces are somehow different to fuel type outdoor fireplaces, they provide the same warmth. 

These can make the outdoor living area more accommodating, especially if you are entertaining guests.

This steel wood burning outdoor fireplace is unlike any other fire pits. It brings warmth and sophistication as well. Its design—which is a mixture of steel, stone, and bricks—can be a classic piece of installation in your patio. 

At the same time, the product is highly heat resistant, a type of fire pit that is made to last a long time. You can place a cart to contain the log at the back of the wood burning fireplace.

This is one of the best outdoor burning fireplaces that you would like to consider. It is a product of steel and stone with a compact design that will surely enhance the look of your patio

The heat resistant steel product provides a clean finish that is best in keeping the outdoor fireplace free from rust even after years of use. Unlike a fuel type fireplace, this product can serve as a sort of display for fire for everyone to see outside your building

This product type is one of the best options if you want steel wood burning outdoor fireplace made with a chimney for the purpose of letting the smoke and gas-free

The steel product has a perfect finish that will never get rust and comes usually with black coating for the chimney. 

The outdoor fireplace comes with a mesh screen made to protect you from catching fire, unlike the traditional open fire pit.

This product type is like one of those rounded fire pits but with more class. The outdoor fireplace comes with a deep fire bowl sitting on a steel base made out of bronze. 

It is covered with mesh so you will not get scorched when burning the log. As one of the best options, it occupies only a little space and produces less smoke.

This product probably has the most traditional design made out of stone and brick. The outdoor fireplace is easy to use. You just place in the log and burn it to provide warmth in your surrounding.

It is a product made up of bricks on the facade with steel framing design, bringing a rustic and modern look. This outdoor fireplace is among the options of many because it is easy to blend with different styles.

This product evokes modern look as well, combining a brick-type fireplace with steel chimney to release the gas. 

There are more products and options you need to see that could add character to the living area outside your building. Choose the best one that you can use for many years and you cannot help but love. You may opt to ditch your fuel type fireplace and shop for wood burning type at the right price.

What do you need to build an outdoor fireplace?

What do you need to build an outdoor fireplace Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

To build your fireplace, first decide on which materials you’re going to use. Your outdoor fireplace may be built mainly on two options: steel or bricks. As a customer, when you shop for materials, pick those which have quality.

Consider the use of the following equipment as well:

How much does it cost to put a wood burning fireplace in?

On average, a wood burning fireplace installation may cost you between $3,000 and $4,000, considering the expenses for assembly, stovepipe, and other basic installation spending.

You must account for the following costs as well:

Is it safe to put outdoor fireplaces on a wood deck?

Is it safe to put outdoor fireplaces on a wood deck Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Yes, you can place an outdoor wood burning fireplace on top of a wooden deck given that a non-combustible base is used. From the moment of the product’s delivery, the fire pit should be installed in a safe manner as well. 

There are also other precautionary measures to avoid fire incidents, such as the minimum area clearance around the fireplace, especially if it is at the back portion of your outdoor area.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Fireplace

Having proper maintenance of your outdoor wood burning fireplace will provide you years of enjoyment in your outdoor living area. You may do it on your own but you can hire someone if you need help. 

Just make sure that you laid out all your needs via the customer service. You can mention these when you send your request through their email address or other means.

Here are some tips:

Having an outdoor fireplace can truly go a long way. It may cost you now but it will buy you something priceless: more means of family bonding even during the winter. Your family can gather around a fire pit to toast marshmallow and hotdogs, feel the heat, and just be cozy.

To know more about fireplaces, read more articles in Alexander and Xavier Masonry. We also provide services in stone and brick masonry construction and repairs in Garland, Texas. Call us today!

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