German Smear-Decorative Wash

Are you thinking of adding German Smear to the exterior or interior of your brick masonry or stone masonry?

Are the interior or exterior bricks of your house looking tired, faded, or just a little boring? Maybe it’s time to refresh your home with a bright new look with decorative washing that will add an extra layer of personality, character, and style to your home!

Many people love that classic red brick look. It’s a great traditional statement for your home’s exterior or interior. However, sometimes this look can seem a little uninspiring, especially if your home has featured classic red bricks for a while, if your bricks are looking faded or old, or if you simply want to try something new.

Whatever the reason, when it’s time for a change, A&X Masonry is here to help with a variety of decorative washes!

What are decorative washes?

If you’re unfamiliar with decorative washes, you’ve come to the right place! Decorative washes are one way to completely refresh your brick house exterior, fireplace, accent wall, or any other brick masonry around your home by giving your bricks an updated look that can be vintage or modern, depending on the application and decorative method you choose!

Unlike completely painting over your bricks, which can sometimes end up looking unprofessional, require regular maintenance, and even cause damage to your bricks, sometimes leading to other house issues, decorative washes are natural, bonding safely to brick. Made of a combination of natural ingredients like rock, cement, and sand, decorative washes look amazing without any of the headache that can come with putting paint on top of your brick.

Decorative washes can give your bricks a new and refreshed, yet still natural and earthy, look! Their rustic flair has been gaining renewed popularity recently so now is the perfect time to try a decorative wash on your bricks!

There are three main types of decorative white wash styles you can use on your bricks and each has its own unique look. Each style is particularly suited to different brick types and environments so it’s a good idea to give your local A&X Masonry contractor a call and get a free consultation so you can choose the right wash that suits both your bricks and your personal style!


Perhaps the most well known the three style, whitewashing is what you might think of when you imagine decorative brick washes.

Made by mixing a ratio of white paint and water with lime and salt, whitewash creates a lightly stained look for your bricks, hinting at old brick houses from years past, while still maintaining a dignified, dressed-up feel.

To create an artistic flair, this traditional whitewashed look isn’t complete until you’ve added some tastefully chosen spots to paint with a thicker paint or scrubbing some of the whitewash paint off to create a genuine worn feel.

Whitewashing your bricks creates a lighter color while still maintaining and preserving the original feel and redness of the bricks. The trick for this method is getting the ratio of white paint to water right. This depends on several factors, such as how much you want the original color of the bricks to show through and how porous the bricks are.

As mentioned above, the real talent comes after the first all-over coat of whitewash is painted. The worn feel that’s so essential to this look is created by layering thicker whitewash in certain spots washing away some of the original whitewash to replicate an old and worn atmosphere.

German Smear

This method of decorative wash is created by “smearing” a combination of white mortar and Portland cement to your brick exterior or interior wall, leaving a rustic and textured yet clean look.
The technique of German Smear is super versatile and coming back in style on some modern home exteriors or interior accent walls.

You can use a thin layer to create a more textured version of the whitewashed look, while a thicker layer emphasizes the light color of the smear. Whatever the texture of your mix; however, a staple feature of German Smear is that it still shows those red bricks through the white for a quaint, old world look!


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Like German Smear, this method of decorative wash uses mortar and cement. However, while the application technique of a German Smear focuses on letting the original color of the bricks shine through, this method completely transforms the bricks by fully coating them in the textured white mix.

This creates a look that resembles stucco more than traditional bricks, but that still allows the shape of the bricks to be seen underneath. This technique is great for when you want to completely change the look of whatever you’re slurry coating, such as if your bricks have faded to a color you don’t like or when you’re simply ready to try something different.

So, if you’re excited to help show people just how gorgeous these decorative washes really are by featuring them on your house, A&X Masonry is the perfect company to help you do it!

Our contractors are professionally trained to perform all types of masonry and brickwork, including expert application all different types of decorative washes! Whether you want decorative wash for the entire exterior of your house or just for a small accent wall or fireplace, our team at A&X Masonry’s waiting to serve you with the best of industry knowledge and skill!

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So, if your thinking about giving your home’s brick exterior or interior one simple makeover that will transform its whole look, a decorative wash might be just the thing your house needs! Whether you want to add an old world or rustic look to your bricks or refresh tired old or ugly bricks, whitewashing, German Smear, or slurry coating might be the solution!

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