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McKinney is an area full of homes with fireplaces and chimneys. However, only a little portion of the residents in this area know where to turn when they notice a damage or need to repair their brick chimney and fireplace.

At A and X Masonry, we are your one-stop destination for the best masonry services in McKinney, Texas and a range of options when it comes to chimney repair, chimney and fireplace remodeling, outdoor fireplace construction and outdoor kitchens.

Basically, we work with brick and stone  create solutions that last for decades. 

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McKinney, TX Masonry Work: Brick, Stone, Tuckpointing & More

McKinney, TX Masonry Work Brick, Stone, Tuckpointing | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

When it comes to repair on your masonry structures, there is a big difference between cleaning a fireplace or chimney – and repairing it thanks to the massive buildup in it. 

A and X Masonry takes care of your chimney and fireplace structure and knows the best way to repair, remodel or safely maintain your chimney with the best practices. One of them is tuckpointing which basically involves the replacement of your damaged mortar with fresh matching mortar.

As simple as it sounds, masonry work on the chimney and/or fireplace should not be overlooked. If you are moving into a home or before using the chimney or fireplace for an extended period of time, we recommend having a complete chimney inspection service before lighting the first fire of the season.

Our masonry services can be the best choice if you want to protect the health and safety of your family and home. Contact us today to learn more!

The Best Stone Mason And Brick Repair Services In McKinney, TX

The Best Stone Mason And Brick Repair Services In McKinney, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

We pride ourselves on helping homeowners to keep their homes look at their best and at the most affordable prices. This is why our chimney repair, fireplace remodeling and other services are right for every homeowner and every project, regardless of its size or type.

As you probably know, chimney repair is something that is easy to overlook. However, being a homeowner involves taking care of your chimney and fireplace and going beyond the basic bricklayer options.

Thanks to our experienced contractors, we can solve all of your needs and bring the best brick repair in McKinney at the right prices. Our masonry experts provide services to help more area residents save on the home construction options that they require.

When choosing us, you can forget the part about having to hire several masons for the same project. We will take care of everything and create the home of your dreams, meeting all of your requirements and helping you save while spending.

Outdoor Living Solutions: The Value Of Outdoor Kitchens And Fireplaces

water features | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

As one of the best masonry services in McKinney and Texas, we can make your home even more valuable. However, we can also transform your backyard and give you a second home for the late spring, the whole summer and early autumn.

Yes – you can basically enjoy a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your backyard thanks to our unique outdoor kitchen installation. As an addition to an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor living area, we can also construct outdoor fireplaces to keep you warm even in the colder days.

The top benefit of outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, is obviously the fact that they are the perfect spaces for gathering guests and entertaining them.. On top of that, they are an investment which will increase the price of your home and give you a cozy area to enjoy in.

Our team of masons has fully embraced the trend of outdoor living and is ready to show you what a comfortable and cozy backyard looks like. For more details and information on our outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, contact us today!


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