10 Fireplace Tile Ideas that Add Vigor to Your Home

Even just the mere imagining of a living room fireplace with a steady wood burning in it can instantly bring comfort and coziness in mind.

Your fireplace living room is where you can gather your family to share warmth, especially during cold days. Best of all, the fireplace surround, hearth, walls, and every large space around it can showcase your creativity.

While typically, fireplaces are wood or marble, why not try tiled fireplaces?

Fireplace Tile Ideas for Creative Interior Design

Fireplace Tile Ideas for Creative Interior Design Fireplace Tile Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If you need an aesthetically appealing fireplace but are afraid of fire accidents, then tiles are your best bet since they are not flammable and can handle extremely high temperatures. 

Besides, you can do countless things with a fireplace tile: mix and match, create a pattern, or you can paint fireplace tile on the floor, surround, or walls. Your fireplace tile ideas would not only bring you beauty but also safety

Here are a few tiled fireplace ideas that inspire your fireplace design ideas.

1. Monochrome fireplace tile ideas

An ornate mantel works well with one-color tiles. White fireplace tile would feel cozy without taking attention away from the living room interior. Black grounds a light and airy interior. Try to go overboard and tile every open space, even your fireplace surround.

2. Pebbled tile fireplace ideas

Feel like your existing décor is bland? Grown tired of it? Try putting small stones over existing fireplace tiles. Its contrast with your tile fireplace becomes eye-catching while exuding an earthy feel to a modern fireplace.

Besides, pebble tiles are durable and heat resistant, thus perfect for covering an existing fireplace or mantle area.

3. Mosaic tile pattern

Gather small tiles of different colors. Arrange them to create a beautiful pattern, say a herringbone. You try only three colors for a tamer style or play with subway tiles, irregular shapes, and glass mosaic tiles.

From simple patterns to complete images, this design will make your fireplace the focal point of your home.

4. Hand-painted tile fireplace

The beauty of a hand-painted tile fireplace is it sets your identity at the focal point. For instance, if you love nature, you can paint plants or animals or mountains. 

You can do freestyle, abstract, or whatever image or herringbone pattern you want. You can also choose to paint a small part of the entire wall, including the hearth, wall, and surround.

5. Traditional fireplace tile ideas

Try using brick-inspired fireplace tile to bring a more vintage feel. Pair brick tile with simple moldings and a stained wood rustic mantel to complete the vibe. This design will bring a more authentic character to your room.

6. Granite-laden idea for fireplace

Granite is made of white clay to produce the effect of natural materials such as stone. Granite tiles have resistance to high abrasion, stains, acids and bases, and heat.

Granite ceramic tile is also ideal for areas that many people frequent. Red granite provides a rich, romantic feel to your home. In contrast, black granite is typical of modern fireplaces for a luxurious atmosphere when partnered with brighter colors.

7. Porcelain backsplash fireplace tile ideas

This design is becoming a favorite for fireplaces because of its versatility. It’s available in polished marble, textured, and in varied colors. It also has a wide variety of coatings that complement various materials, such as metal, linen, and leather.

Consider lining the wall behind your fireplace with porcelain subway tile completely or use a large format to create a more contemporary fireplace surround, hearth, or walls.

8. Marbled fireplace tile

Try using marble if you want a design that will last longer. Marble gives a timeless, elegant, and luxurious vibe to your home. For the color, instead of black and white marble, how about blue and gray marble?

9. Rustic terra-cotta tile fireplace style

Go for a mix of a modern and traditional look with a terra-cotta tile. It’ll be like going to the old times. It comes in different tones, thickness, formats, making terra-cotta tile versatile.

10. The boho fireplace tile design

Think of your favorite rug pattern plastered around, making livelier tile fireplace designs. Of course, if you don’t want your fireplace to overpower the room, you can always tone down colors to white, gray, or blue.

What kind of tile can be used around a fireplace?

What kind of tile can be used around a fireplace Fireplace Tile Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

There is a wide range of things you can do with your fireplace, and there are also many different tiles you can find and use. Here’s a list of the types of easy-to-find and use tiles for whatever style you choose.

Glass tiles are a beautiful addition to your fireplace. They reflect light and make the firelight look even more magnificent and romantic.

Metallic tiles that reflect fire exude a contemporary vibe to fireplace designs.

Such tile can withstand high temperatures that’s why it has become popular. If fired at a higher temperature, it offers a slightly different look. You can use this around the fireplace, but the glazed one would be more suitable because it’s harder and can withstand wear and tear better.

Stone tile gives a natural look to your fireside and an exciting alternative to the usual brick hearth and fireplace surround.

If natural stone is hard to get by, you can opt for stone-look porcelain tile. You can get extra huge sizes or regular subway tile to make a more modern vibe even on your surround or floor.

Ceramic tiles have been used for fireplace surround and hearth for ages. It’s strong enough to meet the demands of a fireplace. For added strength, go for the thicker tiles.

Jazz Up Your Fireplace!

Jazz Up Your Fireplace Fireplace Tile Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

You already have ideas for design and tile types. It’s now time to fire up the creative side of you!

When jazzing up your fireplace tiles, you might need to handle stones. Alexander and Xavier Masonry in Garland, Texas are experts in stone masonry and can help you put together a sturdy fireplace design.  

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