How to Build a Flagstone Wall: DIY Stone Crafts for Your Home

The versatility of stone makes it all the more useful especially in making your home more enticing and functional. One way to do this is by building a retaining wall made of natural stone.

If you’re thinking of building a flagstone wall according to your style and budget, this article will provide a step-by-step wall construction guide and some tips for a successful home transformation look using flagstones.

7 Easy Steps in Making Your Flagstone Wall

Constructing flagstones usually takes 3-4 days to finish, depending on the complexity of the design that you have chosen. It may require intermediate masonry skills if you decide to get a more complex design.

To help you get started, here are seven easy steps for your next project:

The first step is to locate and identify a specific area in your house where the wall can be built upon. Typically, a flagstone wall is placed in the garden area where landscapes are easy to flatten

Once selected, insert one stick on each end of the area. Remember that the height of the stick must be the same as the height of the wall upon construction.

The design determines the materials you will use, as well as the proper masonry techniques you need to apply. Aside from the overall look, you want to go for, the design should also be practical and cost-efficient flagstone wall.

Here are some of the best flagstone designs in Garland, Texas that you might want to check out for inspiration:


You will need the following tools: 

Shovels will also be useful when you build stacked stones for your garden. A wheelbarrow would do for concrete mixture but this depends on the combination of rocks you decide to use. Rough rocks are relatively harder to bind

You must begin with a strong foundation for it. The recommended depth of the base is 10-12 inches deep which would work best if you aim to construct a 3-4 feet wall.

After digging, make sure that the footings are at the lowest points of the wall so it would not be visible once the stones are stacked. You may place steel bars for curves then add a 2-inch layer of cement on top of it. 

In laying the stones, start with the biggest rocks to the smallest ones. Remember to save a few large rocks for the top layer.

You may vary the shapes of stones you want to place but make sure it still follows the wall’s slope throughout its length. Fill in small spaces and joints as well.

Finish it off with a top rock layer. Aside from its final look of the wall, the top layer is for stability. You may use other materials aside from stones, such as bricks or textured cement. Make sure also to step back and check the stability of each layer.

3 Tips for Your DIY Flagstone Wall

3 Tips for Your DIY Flagstone Wall Flagstone Wall | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

To build your fireplace, first decide on which materials you’re going to use. Your outdoor fireplace may be built mainly on two options: steel or bricks. As a customer, when you shop for materials, pick those which have quality.

Consider the use of the following equipment as well:

  1. Know your rocks. This will help you pick the best materials for the design you chose.
  2. Ask about the best mortar and coalesce filter brands when selecting your supplies.
  3. Research about your landscape and come up with a back-up plan if your initial area of choice is not the best to use.


A flagstone retaining wall may be challenging to build on the first try, but it truly elevates the overall vibe of your abode. Nonetheless, a flagstone project may still require you to study basic masonry and construction which can be time-consuming.

To avoid the hassle of such, you may want to check out Alexander and Xavier Masonry for a convenient, budget-friendly and high-quality service for masonry needs.

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