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Red, orange, brown, cream – no matter what the color, brick is one of the most recognizable types of building material, used for construction for thousands of years. It graces ancient Roman buildings, Medieval and Renaissance universities and cathedrals, as well as a rich variety of more modern buildings from imposing commercial constructions to grand townhomes and even quaint cottages.

Brick is made of natural clay materials, offering a variety of rich earthy colors. Besides its trademark shape and versatile patterning abilities, few may know that bricks are also hugely durable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and weather-proof. Not only do bricks provide the long-lasting structures and builds you want with the charming appeal that’s so dear to our hearts, but they also provide a low-maintenance material that’s cost-effective and makes a statement.

From small houses and fireplaces to grand train stations and schools as well as office buildings, brick is the humble star behind many of your favorite building creations.


Its versatility is vastly underrepresented by popular culture. Depending on the type of clay used to create your bricks, you can choose from a wide range of colors from cream and light pink to dark red and brown. Using bricks can help create a modern industrial feel or a classic, cozy, or traditional look, depending on the way your project is constructed and how the brick detail is used. Bricks are also a favorite building material for constructing fireplace accents, exterior facades or walls, and much, much more.

There are several types of brick to choose from, including burnt clay bricks, sand/lime bricks, and concrete bricks. Once you’ve selected your brick type, you’ll also need to choose what pattern or bond to lay them in. Some popular bonds include the English bond, the stretcher bond, the stack bond, the diagonal bond, and several different paving patterns. We’ll help you select the bricks and bonding patterns that are best for your next project!


Brick is also one of the most durable building materials! Its texture and chemical makeup is naturally both insect and moisture repellant, helping reduce mold and pests better than wood or other building materials. It’s a fire-resistant material that can withstand even the most extreme weathers and winds.

Low Maintenance

Because of its natural structure and color retention, brick is one of the lowest-maintenance types of building materials available for both interior and exterior construction projects. It doesn’t easily fade, chip, or dent and it doesn’t require paint or whitewashing to show off a vibrant natural color!


Because of its durability, bricks can be more of an investment than vinyl or wood options. However, if you’re searching for a classic, beautiful, and strong building material without the expense or time necessary to build with stone, bricks are an option that provide all the charm, beauty, and elegance you want at a lower price and with much less time.

All things considered, we recommend brick as a small investment that’s well worth the cost, and when you work with us here at Alexander and Xavier Masonry, we’ll help you find the best deals for your project budget!

Low Maintenance

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So, for your next commercial, residential, or backyard project, choose brick! Here at Alexander and Xavier Masonry, our skilled in-house brick masons are specially-trained and experienced in all things brick masonry from wall construction and outdoor builds to interior design accents. We also provide repair and restoration services for any existing brick structures or accents you may have. We can create any structure, accent, finish, or new construction you need for your next project on time and on budget!

With us, you’ll be working with a dedicated, family-owned company that’s passionate about providing an excellent customer experience for our community and customers! No matter whether your brick masonry project is for an expensive office building or simply a small home addition, we’re qualified and skilled to help you make your brick masonry projects a beautiful reality. Whether indoor or outdoor, interior or exterior, structural or decorative, we’re dedicated to making your project a success that you can be proud of!

That’s why we offer great customer service, regular updates on the progression of your project, and an 3-year warranty on your finished brick masonry project.

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