Stone and Brick Masonry Services in The Colony TX

We provide masonry services in The Colony, Tx. Your brick and stone surfaces require regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking good over the years.

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Poor-quality masonry construction becomes the root of all your housing problems. Substandard techniques can cause an array of issues and further damages that can affect your project structurally and aesthetically.

Avoid this by leaving the task in the hands of professionals. We at Alexander and Xavier Masonry provide expert solutions to your brick, stone, and chimney repair needs in The Colony, Texas, and all over Dallas.

Known for Our Excellent Masonry Services in the Colony Texas

We have built and restored lots of homes, chimneys, and outdoor living in The Colony and entire Dallas-Fort Worth Area!

Our commitment to quality and professionalism is such that we are the top company in the area that specializes in stone masonry, brick masonry, and masonry repairs.

No Masonry Project is Too Big or Small for Us in The Colony, TX

As a fully qualified masonry company, we specialize in residential, and commercial repair stone masonry projects. We are dedicated to giving each new project a detailed clean-up so the only noticeable thing left is our beautiful work.

When it comes to masonry options, the three most popular are stone, brick, and manufactured choices. Stone is an expensive and attractive choice. It is an antique form of masonry that can last a lifetime.

Here are a few of the benefits of using stone masonry for your buildings or structures:


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Stone masonry has a timeless beauty. Throughout time, these techniques and materials have been used to build some of the best-known structures and monuments. It is known for its endless style & design.

Bang for your Buck

Retaining Wall Repair Services Garland TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

When combined with the right materials and elements, stone masonry, can result in a decrease in energy expenses. You won’t be spending money on monthly maintenance as it is not obligatory. 


Stone Retaining Wall Job in Garland TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

You will be fascinated by the low maintenance aspects of stone masonry. Not only that they are gorgeous – You will never find yourself in a situation to repaint the surface, repair or reconstruct the stone patio. 


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You can trust the security stone masonry provides. They are not susceptible to burning, melting or bending. They also have a high tolerance for heat making them a great choice for fireplaces, brick ovens, and chimneys. 

If you are ready to upgrade your office, home or building with professional stone masonry installation, we have the experience to get the job done.

The Best Masonry Experts in The Colony, TX

Employing brick masonry in The colony is one of the best things you can do for your home. While brick may be more expensive than garden products, it offers so much more in the ways of beauty and longevity.

Why choose brick masonry?

When you think of the most stable and longest-standing structures, either stonemasons or bricklayers were included in the construction. It goes without saying that brick is one of the most resilient materials for any home or commercial project in Texas.

This is why it remains one of the best options when doing projects like walkways, steps, chimneys, fireplaces, etc. We’ve been servicing The Colony since 2009 and the top choice is always brick masonry!

Here are six reasons for choosing brick masonry for your house projects in The Colony:

→ Brick looks better than other materials

Brick doesn’t dent or rot and will never be destroyed by termites. It is one of the materials that can look better with time. It absorbs noise, providing an acoustic advantage over other building materials.

Brick is made from natural ingredients

Brick is made from shale and clay (some of the most natural and abundant materials) and fired through an oven at up to 2000 degrees. Brick also has thousands of shade and color options that will never fade.

Brick is energy efficient

Brick has “thermal mass” characteristics meaning it has an ability to store heat and slowly release it. During the summer months, bricks can stay cool while in winter, brick walls can store heat.

Brick is a sustainable green building element

Today’s brick masonry includes recycling options, natural ingredients, and minimal waste. In fact, bricks should be a part of every green strategy.

Brick offers excellent protection over other cladding alternatives

Brick provides superior protection in three categories – fire protection, high wind protection, and moisture control.

Brick has been tested for decades

Today, brick is a very popular building product. Bricks are subject to a more rigid manufacturing process which results in a better performing product. 

While you can buy a handmade brick, it is also possible to purchase the architectural brick that meets strict product standards and specifications.

Professional Masonry Repair in The Colony at Your Service!

Here is a list of all the masonry repair services we provide. Call us for emergency repairs!

Patio Renovation| Alexander and Xavier Masonry

We provide a range of masonry work and repair services.  We serve the people from the Colony area and we commit to interacting with our clients in an upfront and honest manner. Some of our masonry repair services include stone and brick repair.

Allow our team of repair experts to cover all of your needs and demands. Whether you have a stone wall that needs a simple repair or needs multiple bricks returned to new condition, we have the resources and skills to get the job done.

Choose Alexander and Xavier Masonry for your next project in The Colony, TX!

No job is too complicated for our professional team to accomplish.

Unlike other brick and stone masonry repair service companies, we are insured, licensed, and bonded in the Colony area. We offer high-quality masonry services in The Colony and we are here to serve you.

If you are interested in one of our services – contact us today to receive your FREE estimate.

Surrounding Areas We Cater To

Whether you need stonework, brick repair, concrete flatwork, chimney restoration, and more, Alexander and Xavier masonry services are available in the city of The Colony, Texas, and the following communities all over Dallas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alexander and Xavier Masonry compiled a list of top questions to ask your masonry contractor when you are in the estimating process you can read more about it here.

What does the homeowner need to provide as you carry out your work?

We need access to electricity and water, without which we may not be able to do the job. Please notify us if these will not be available.

How long will it take to finish my masonry project?

This is dependent on the complexity and scope of the project. Simple repair work should take a day or two.

How much do you ask for an estimate?

We provide estimates for free. We need specific information such as your name, phone, email, and your needs whether for construction, repair, or restoration.

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