Garland TX Commercial Masonry Repairs

Commercial masonry repairs ,commercial restorations and rebuilds must be without a doubt be carried out with the utmost attention to details. Call us for a quote!

The end product must be strong enough to endure consistent wear and tear. The repair or restoration needs to be executed in a professional and safe manner, especially if the customers and employees are present on site while the construction is in progress.

At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, We have been providing clients with successful commercial masonry repairs and restoration for years. We understand the dynamics and importance of quality restorations or repairs that match the original style and integrity of the structure.

We are experts with several years of practical experience when it comes to fixing new masonry as well. Call us!

Commercial Masonry Restoration

Commercial masonry structures that require repairs need the expertise of a proficient, detailed-oriented company. 

At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, our craftsmen blend the beauty and durability of the block, brick, stone and other building materials to restore stability, new life and aesthetic quality to old buildings.

Therefore, if your place of work is made out of blocks, bricks, stone or any other form of building materials, you’ll need to give us a call at some point in time.

Undoubtedly, no structure is designed to last forever without showing any sign of wear and tear, especially commercial masonry. But by carrying out regular maintenance, you’ll greatly increase your building lifespan while decreasing the risk for more complicated issues and costly masonry repairs.

Our expert masons are capable of taking care of almost any commercial masonry repairs or modification you may require for your commercial building, ensuring the repairs are reasonably executed to match the existing construction.

Our Commercial Masonry Specialize In:

  • Eliminating old window or door openings
  • Building, repairing or remodeling masonry monument signs
  • Replacing broken or damaged block, brick, or stone
  • Renovating brick dock damage
  • Repointing deteriorated mortar joints
  • Creating new door openings in CMU or brick walls
  • Creating or re-caulking expansion joints
  • Repairing brick ovens and fireplaces
  • Repairing and cleaning patios and brick walkways
  • Cast stone repairs
  • Building or repairing with glass block
  • Building or repairing brick dumpster enclosures
  • Masonry cleaning and waterproofing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Repairing vehicle damage to masonry wall

Commercial Masonry Contractor

Regardless of the kind of project we’re handling, we always deliver top notch service and maintain the highest level of professionalism. 

We’ll stop at nothing to ensure you’re satisfied and give you peace of mind. We assess your masonry needs and always consider your budget in order to provide the finest solution at a price you can afford. Our commercial masonry repair services go above and beyond the competition. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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