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Stone has been one of the most common building materials for human architecture for eras, gracing famed pieces of human ingenuity such as the Egyptian pyramids, the Pantheon, the Great Wall of China, and many European cathedrals. 

In our modern age, technology has made it easier and faster to create and perfect the professional-quality stone masonry you expect for your next commercial, residential, or public building project.

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At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, our expert stone masons have done extensive studying and training to hone their skills before working on your project. While you may not be creating the next Taj Mahal with your construction or repair project, when you work with us, you can rest assured that your next stone masonry project is guaranteed to be executed with a high standard of care, quality, and efficiency.

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Here at Alexander and Xavier Masonry we’re dedicated to providing the best professional stone masonry and friendly, knowledgeable customer service to all our clients. Our professional, in-house team of masons, and other experts are authorities on all things stonework related, including stone installation, stone restoration and repair, and stone siding, tiling, and more.

Did you know that stone is one of the most eco-friendly and long-lasting types of natural building materials?

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Stone is a gorgeous, natural way to increase the beauty of your home, garden, or driveway while increasing curb appeal and value. It’s sturdy, making it great for structural projects, and durable, making it perfect for exterior projects.

It’s used for kitchen countertops, exterior house siding, flooring, and more! It can withstand heat and cold, as well as the harshest of weather, all while maintaining its natural look – and stone does all that with little to no maintenance!

It’s variation and versatility make it one of the first choices for many home building and renovating experts in indoor and outdoor masonry, paving, decorative exterior pieces, as well as walls, columns, and structural builds. Stone is also a great material for building fireplace decoration, outdoor barbeques, patios, gorgeous interior accents, and firepits, among many, many other options.

It’s an investment that will stand the test of time!

There are several different types of stone building materials to choose from, all with their own set of patterns, colors, and textures, so you can find the perfect fit for your next project, no matter what your vision is. Often, you can find a natural stone that perfectly complements an existing construction or find a unique color and pattern that can be a centerpiece or a subtle accent to a completely new project.

From veneer stone to limestone, here at Alexander and Xavier Masonry, we’ve got you covered! Once you’ve chosen your preferred stone variety, we’ll take it from there. Our team can help guide you through the whole construction, repair, and/or restoration stone masonry process, from a detailed construction or restoration plan all the way to finished project! We’ll help you decide on the best stone masonry techniques for your project, whether traditional dry-stack, stone mortar techniques, slipform, framed, tiled, paved, or anything else. We’re passionate about discovering, learning, and applying the best stone masonry techniques whether modern or ancient, so you get the best results!


We want to provide you with an excellent customer experience, no matter what your next project may be. We’re dedicated to making your project a success that you can be proud of! That’s why we offer great customer service, regular updates on the progression of your project, and an 3-year warranty on your finished stone masonry project.

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