Top 10 DIY Fire Pit Ideas: Outdoor Living at Its Finest

Gathering with family or friends outdoors to eat and relax is always a great idea. What better way to do this than to cook the food yourselves and build your bonding place? This article will tackle the best backyard fire pit ideas you can do yourself.

Basic DIY Notes to Remember

Basic DIY Notes to Remember Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

The possibilities are endless when designing and building your open backyard or outdoor space fire pits. They are easy to do, especially if you already have experience with basic masonry. But if it’s your first time, take note of these key points.

Safety Measures

Even if you’re building your fire pit in an open space, you should still be careful. Outdoor fire accidents are common. Make sure you keep enough distance from your fire pit. It also has to be at least 10 feet away from trees, bushes, and other flammable things in your open backyard.

Functions to Consider Before Choosing the Designs

What are your backyard fire pit ideas and designs in mind? Do you want it to stay in one place permanently, or do you want it to be movable? Will the aesthetics be minimal, modern, or rustic?

Before choosing the design for your outdoor fire pit, you should take note of the materials you need based on functionality. If you’re into open backyard parties, consider building two fire pits: one for grilling and one for baking. Opt for a design that matches different party themes.

City Ordinance

You cannot just simply build outdoor fire pits your way. Cities in Texas and other states in the USA have different regulations regarding open space torches. Some areas may not even be allowed at all. Before even designing your open backyard and DIY fire pit, make sure that it’s legal. Call 811 to check the requirements and take note of the restrictions.

How to Build a Basic Fire Pit

Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Building a basic fire pit in your open backyard is easy — the complexity depends on your design ideas. If you have an intricate design, you might need rare materials. The same goes with size; the workaround time in building your fire pit will depend on how big you want it to be. Whatever your fire pit ideas are, you need to consider the factors below.

Size and Measurements

The size of your DIY fire pit should be proportional to the size of your open area. It should also suit your backyard’s design and landscape.

The usual size of the outdoor fire pit is 3-6 feet wide from the outside. For an in-ground DIY fire pit idea, the regular height from the ground is 20 inches.

You should also bear in mind the furniture you are putting in the open space along with the outdoor open fire pit. Make sure to provide at least 3 feet of space between the DIY fire pit and furniture.

Materials to Use

Do not just put any stone you see everywhere as gravel because they might explode when exposed to high heat. Also use rocks that provide good drainage to your open fire pit: lava rocks, lava pebbles, granite, marble, and slate. These rocks provide good drainage to your fire pit.

What you’ll need:

• brick or stone sets for building

• retaining wall blocks

• gravel: lava rocks or pebbles

• masonry adhesive

• wheelbarrow for the bricks or stone

• shovel

• hand tamper or rake

• water hose

• tape measure or level

• spray paint

• gloves


1. Using a tape measure or level, measure the size you want your fire pit to be.

2. Shape or outline the size of your brick into the open area where you want to put it. Mark the area by drawing a circle or square around it using spray paint.

3. Using a shovel, dig out your circle or square for at least 6 inches deep. This is for putting your fire pit on the grass in your open area or ground ones. Use the rake or hand tamper to straighten out the soil.

4. Even if you still haven’t built the foundation yet, you should put the gravel into the hole you made. Fill the entire hole until it levels with the ground. It serves as drainage to your fire pit.

5. Now, it’s time to build your fire pit. Put the first stone or brick set to the edge of the square or circle with the mark. After that, tamp them with a rubber mallet so that they can be even and tight. Use masonry adhesive on the next layers of stone or brick.

The Best Fire Pit Ideas and Styles Using Natural Bricks and Stones

You may have a lot of ideas for fire pits but when it comes to safety and longevity, use natural bricks and stones. Although some of the design ideas below have to be done by a mason, you can do the decoration by painting or matching them with your chosen furniture. The ideas are limitless, but here are the top 10 best ideas that will do wonders on your open backyard.

Fire Pit Bowl

A fire pit bowl made of bricks or stones is perfect for every open area. Though heavy, it can be portable and you won’t have to think of making big changes to your home. 

You can use the bowls for camping if it’s not too heavy for you. Choose a neutral color for your bowl so that it matches everything.

Fire Pit Using Stacked Flagstones and Bricks | Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Fire Pit Tables

Fire Pit Table Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

One of the most straightforward open fire pits ideas is the use of pit tables in your backyard. You can combine this with stacked stones, but make sure that the bottom of the table is safe with gravel.

Even in its simplicity, you can still make it a beautiful feature to your open outdoor living area. You can design it using the German Smear technique.

Fire Pit Patio

Outdoor or open backyard fire pit patios are a sight to behold. You may replace the table that comes with the furniture with a stone or brick table. Paint it with the same color as your furniture to achieve its best look.

If you have the budget, you may even start from scratch. Gather outdoor furniture or old ones to put in your open patio. Search for more open landscaping ideas available.

Patio Fire Pit | Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Fire Pit Using Stacked Flagstones and Bricks

Fire Pit Using Stacked Flagstones and Bricks | Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Amongst all the open fire pit designs, this is the one that you can easily DIY. You can also transfer this fire pit everywhere. The only issue you’ll have is that stones and bricks are heavy, but you have the wheelbarrow for that.

There’s no need to use mortar. You just have to stack each stone to form any shape you like. Make sure to put the bricks inside so that they’ll be the ones to absorb the heat.

Fire Pizza Oven

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can make your pizza outdoors in an open area? If you have a portable stone oven, you may bring it and bake away.

We all know that stone or brick ovens make the best pizza. Share your pizza with loved ones in your outdoor or open backyard. Better yet, you can even sell them if you have an open, huge area. Passers-by might be interested!

Fire Pit Pizza Oven| Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Brick or Stone Fire Pit for Grilling

Brick or Stone Fire Pit for Grilling| Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning grilling. Grilling fire pits are functional. You don’t need to buy grilling stoves to cook your favorite steak. 

Your fire pit takes care of it. Aside from that, bricks and stones provide a beautiful view. Your visitors will appreciate it every time you have an open backyard party.

Balcony Fire Pit

Having a fire pit in your balcony is one of the best ideas. People love hanging out there because of the view, so it’s the best bonding for open areas. 

You may put your fire pit bowls or tables in this open balcony. Think of more design ideas that can match their look, like adding comfy pillows and other items.

Balcony Fire Pit Fire Pit Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Garden Fireplace

Garden Fireplace Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If you live in cold places, a garden fireplace will counter the chill. What’s so great about a garden fireplace is that you can design a chimney where the fire goes. It’s completely safe and adds up to the beauty in your garden.

One of the design ideas of a fireplace is to paint it using the German Smear technique. You may also drop a few light-colored furniture to complete the landscape.

Fire Pit with Lights and Backdrops

The flames bring a fair amount of light when you’re in for a romantic night. Why not add up a few romantic lighting and creative backdrops to your open backyard? It would boost everyone’s mood in the open area.

Fire Pit with Lights and Backdrops | Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Fire Pit by the Swimming Pool

Fire Pit by the Swimming Pool | Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

This fire pit design leans on the luxury side. To complete our list of ideal open or outdoor living, let’s add an open fire pit by the swimming pool. It’s one of the unique landscaping ideas to do in an open area. 

It makes you relax as you are using important elements: water, fire, and air together. It’s like meditating in an open area with the gods on your side.


Now you see how you can be creative in designing your open fire pits. These ideas are DIY, but if you have no experience building some of the structures, Call Us.


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