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Brick Wall Crack | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Cracks Around Your Garage Door

What To Do: Cracks Above Your Garage Door Due To Deteriorating Lintel +1-972-217-0296 Noticing some cracks above your garage door? This could indicate a serious

Have a Stacked Stone Fireplace Remodel

Why Have a Stacked Stone Fireplace Remodel? +1-972-217-0296 Have a Stacked Stone Fireplace Remodel? Here’s Why! A beautifully designed fireplace is often the most commanding

Common Things that Make Your Chimney Leak | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Basics of Tuckpointing Repairs

How To Do Repointing Mortar Joints? [Basic Guide] +1-972-217-0296 Repointing mortar joints guide for DIY homeowners. The basics of masonry repointing and tuckpointing. Things to


Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplace Remodeling Contractor: Plan Your 2018 Remodel (Material Types, Cost and More) (972) 217-0296 Fireplace Remodeling-Let’s face it there are only a few things as

Expert Masonry Construction and Masonry Repair In Rowlett, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Natural Stone Masonry Facts

Useful Guide: What You Need to Know About Natural Stone Masonry GET A FREE ESTIMATE Just 50 years ago, when a construction manager asked for

What Is A Chimney Shoulder Blog | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Chimney Shoulders Homeowner’s Guide

Chimney Shoulders: The Ins and Outs of Construction, Inspection, and Repairs GET A FREE ESTIMATE In conducting a chimney repair, there’s more to it than simply

Patio Renovation| Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Masonry Contractor Frequent Terms

Masonry Contractor Frequent Terms +1-972-217-0296 We compiled a list of frequent masonry terms and some local masonry contractor tips your contractor may use when discussing

When should I be worried about cracked bricks | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

What Causes Bricks To Crack?

Brick Cracks Quick Guide: Causes, Awareness & Brick Repair! GET A FREE ESTIMATE If you saw that some of the brick in your home is

Durable Pavers | Stone Pavers In Richardson | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Benefits Of Stone Pavers

Benefits Of Choosing Stone Pavers In Richardson, TX Over Man-Made Ones GET A FREE ESTIMATE The days of cobblestone roads are long behind us. In

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