How To Prepare Your Outdoor Fireplace For Fall And Winter

Things To Do To Prep Your Outdoor Fireplace for Fall and Winter

Outdoor Fireplace -Where did summer go? One day we’re relaxing by the pool soaking up some sun rays and the next day it seems we’re right in the middle of fall! The weather is starting to cool off, and the trees are beginning to lose their leaves. You know what that means—it’s almost fireplace season!

Before you light your first fire, there are some minor preparations you need to make to ensure your fireplace is optimally working so you won’t run into any problems during the cold months.

Clear Any Debris from the Flue

You won’t believe the amount of debris that can fall into your flue during the summer months while your fireplace isn’t in use. Before lighting your first fire, be sure to inspect your flue and clear any obstructions you find such as leaves, branches, and even animal nests. You want it to be clear so the smoke can effectively escape.

It is always a good idea to have a chimney sweep come by and inspect the flue for any remaining debris as well as creosote buildup. If you have a gas-fueled fireplace, we recommend that you check at the start of the season to be sure that your pilot assembly, gas valve, and other parts are in full working order. If you find debris or dust, make sure you clean them up. For more information you can check out our ultimate fireplace remodeling article.

Start Small

Now that the debris is cleared you should be all ready to start a raging fire, right? Well, it’s best to start small with the first fire of the season. Once you have the small fire lit, stay nearby and monitor the fireplace to ensure that everything is going according to plan. You don’t want to step away for a moment to bring out some snacks only to come back to smoke filling up your patio.
Things To Do To Prep Your Outdoor Fireplace for Fall and Winter | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Keep Moisture Out

An important habit you should build is covering your fireplace after you use it. Covering your fireplace will ensure you limit the amount of moisture content that can collect inside the fireplace. Moisture and stone is not a good combination. If there is too much moisture built up in the fireplace, it can cause the stones to crack over time due to the rapid expansion when the temperature changes. If you notice any of your stones are damaged, contact the company that installed the fireplace to have them replaced before having any more fire.

Protect Your Investment

You also want to keep debris from Mother Nature out as much as possible. You could buy covers for the front of your fireplace if one is not included with yours. Making sure to keep out weather and moisture as much as possible will help prolong the fireplace’s life for many years to come.

Veranda Patio over collections are similar are worth investing in. Once you follow all of these steps and are confident that your fireplace is ready to go, the only thing left to do is to light your first fire of the season! Spring and fall and the best times for an outdoor fire, so invite over your friends and family, kick back, and enjoy a peaceful fall evening!

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