Fireplace Remodeling Contractor: Plan Your 2018 Remodel (Material Types, Cost and More)

Fireplace Remodeling-Let’s face it there are only a few things as comforting as sitting in your home for winter and on a chilly winter evening right next to the fireplace. Or watching a movie while the wood is soothingly crackling in the fireplace.

If your home doesn’t have a fireplace, there is always a possibility of adding one. And if you have one (but are not satisfied with it), you can always make it better by hiring a local masonry contractor with the aim of fireplace remodeling. Below, we are listing our complete guide to fireplace remodeling.

Why Fireplace Remodeling?

7 Gorgeously Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If you have been searching Google for ‘fireplace remodeling’ or ‘fireplace renovation’, you are not the only one out there. The truth is, the fireplace is a spot that gives a specific and distinctive charm to any living room or other areas of the home. That charm can be best seen from the luminescent glow, the soothing crackling and the cozy warmth all combined to give you relaxation and enjoyment. 


What troubles most of the homeowners nowadays are two things:

The cost of fireplace remodeling and The potential disruption of their home, making it unavailable for a while.

Now, if you have read a lot about fireplace remodeling, you probably know that both of these issues are not that big of a deal. In fact, more and more people are choosing to remodel their fireplaces, update the looks of their rooms or just make necessary enhancements in order to maximize their homes value.

In today’s guide, we will be talking about everything from fireplace remodel prices to cheap fireplace remodeling ideas, types of materials and obviously, how to choose the right fireplace remodel contractor.

So, let’s begin.

The Cost Of A Fireplace Remodel: Is It Something You Can Afford?

Generally speaking, the specific fireplace remodel that you choose will have its own price. Therefore, it is hard to speak about the cost of fireplace remodeling. In general, the projects can range from $700 from a simple touch-up to improve its looks (enhancing a facade etc.) to over $7,000 for a complete fireplace remodel. 

Many factors can raise or lower the price of a fireplace remodel. For example, if you’re repairing water-damaged areas of a fireplace, you will need to check the extent of the damage. If bricks on the exterior of the chimney are crumbling and many cracks are apparent, a total rebuild or partial rebuild of the chimney may be necessary. If a lot of mortar has worn off the bricks, more repair work will be required. Converting a fireplace from wood-burning to gas will also incur extra costs to allow for installing a gas line and providing proper ventilation.

On another note, fireplace renovations can be anything from repairing the joints between the bricks and tweaking the facade to something as big as rebuilding an entire fireplace. As we said before, everything depends on your specific needs as well as the materials being used and the time it will take for everything to be completed.

That is why it is always better to consult with a fireplace remodeling professional before you do the renovation. Now, even though fireplace renovations fall under three categories (masonry, zero-clearance and gas), we will focus on masonry fireplace remodeling today and unveil all of its details.

Masonry Fireplace Remodeling: Popular Types, Styles And Options

Masonry fireplace remodeling is the first thing that comes to mind of everyone envisioning a fireplace in their home. A masonry stone fireplace, stone veneer or travertine fireplace or upgrading the fireplace mantel are the most common choices when building a fireplace or remodeling one. 

Basically, masonry is an art on its own and a great way to improve your home – but also one that doesn’t require a second mortgage. The truth is, you can remodel an outdated fireplace on a budget or do a complete fireplace facelift for a fair price.

However, when seeing through the most common options of fireplace remodeling, there are many masonry materials to choose from.

1. Natural Stone Fireplace Remodeling

Stone fireplaces are a solid choice that give a special urban vibe to the surroundings. Here, some of the most popular types include limestone, granite, marble, slate and travertine. 

Since stone is a natural material, you will get the most of its (natural) color and won’t need any facade tweaks in the future. However, a wise tip from a pro is to always get more stone than you need in order to have on hand for future repairs (especially if you are selecting a particular type). Also, it is best to seal a stone fireplace to help prevent staining.

2. Stone Veneer Remodeling

Manufactured stone veneer can be used in interior or exterior applications. This versatile building material is easy to install and transforms any space by adding the look and feel of natural stone walls. One of the many benefits of manufactured stone is that it’s a manufactured product allowing for a wide range of colors and textures based on current design trends. 

3. Brick Fireplace Remodeling

Brick is known as one of the longest lasting materials when it comes to fireplaces. A brick fireplace remodel will enhance the beauty of your cozy area and give it a classic, vintage look. 

What’s also common for brick is that it is a low-maintenance and sturdy material that makes it a great insulator. It is also routinely salvaged and re-used because of its longevity. However, if you don’t want to settle for a brick fireplace, you can also consider alternative options that add a rustic charm. For example, white-washing the brick known as mortar smear are a great alternative that will get you a solid look without the high cost.

4. Limestone Fireplace Remodeling

Limestone is known as one of the best decorations on any fireplace. It is basically the window dressing for the fireplace, which is why limestone fireplaces often have exquisite carvings that add to their formal style.

5.Travertine Fireplace Remodeling

Travertine stone tiles are durable because they are resistant to heat and are non-flammable so in addition to adding value to your home they can provide a safe space between your home and fireplace. Another great thing about using travertine tiles for fireplace is that it requires a very few tiles. So you can even go for the premium quality ones without making a dent in your wallet and you will end up with an amazing looking travertine fireplace.

6. Marble Fireplace Remodeling

If you decide to remodel your fireplace with marble, you will probably be overwhelmed by the amount of finishes ranging from brick to stone to stucco and tile. Marble is simple attached to the body of the masonry fireplace and requires sealing in order to help prevent scratches. When investing in a marble fireplace remodel, you should know that any damage in the future would be a costly one.

7. Stainless Steel Fireplace Remodeling

Stainless steel was never an option until the new millennium, when masonries began using it in fireplaces. However, stainless steel is far less complicated to maintain (than your refrigerator, for example) and you get a modern look that can fit in any home décor. However, cleaning the steel is what causes most of the headaches to homeowners.

8. Tile Fireplace Remodeling

A column of taupe tiles will create the perfect look for a fireside mosaic. The truth is, tiles come in a variety of shapes and styles. Even glass tiles are common for fireplaces nowadays – mostly because of their ease in cleaning and maintenance. However, tiles are not that easy to install and may be prone to scratches. There are many masonry products that work well for the fireplace decoration with tiles – from formal to white marble and even earthy terra-cotta.

9. Classic Wood Fireplace Remodeling

A woodworking on your fireplace will add a special and one-of-a-kind look. You need to clean the wood with a soft cloth and polish it regularly in order to maintain its shine. For many homeowners, wood is the best option for long-lasting beauty of their fireplace.

10. Concrete Fireplace Remodeling

Last but not the least is another modern style – concrete fireplaces. This choice is certainly among the sleekest and trendiest ones out there. Gray concrete is always great for creating a modern backdrop. Still, you need to maintain it properly with a sealant and make it water resistant.

Hiring A Fireplace Remodel Contractor For Your Fireplace Remodel

If you ever thought about DIY fireplace remodeling, you should know that it is definitely not an easy job. Even fixing the mortar between bricks on a fireplace requires patience in order to do it successfully on your own. If your fireplace remodeling project involves removing and replacing mantel, cracks in the firebox or making major brick repairs – then the best option is to contact Masonry Contractor professional in that field. 

If you need to hire a mason for brick or stone work on your masonry fireplace, you should learn the important qualifications for a masonry contractor before hiring one for your fireplace. At this point, it is obvious that you are making the right choice by hiring a professional. But how do you go about selecting the right one for the job?

Basically, a professional Masonry Contractor for your fireplace remodel should have the following:

Ask these valuable questions when hiring a Masonry Contractor for your fireplace remodel 

As you probably know, the fireplace is often the most commanding element in your living room. The size, material and style here matter a lot. Naturally, fireplace remodels are designed to complement the rest of your home. That being said, a professional masonry contractor should always know what works or what is too much for your property during the fireplace remodel.

So, the best case scenario is to hire someone with plenty of experience remodeling fireplaces and more than just installing stone or tile on your fireplace. And if you are clueless regarding the fireplace remodeling process, As fireplace remodeling contractor with lots of experience, we have come to understand that we need to get maximum information from the client to deliver the best fireplace he or she wants.

To help our clients get a better perspective on what it takes to get a fireplace remodeled, we ask the following questions to our clients:

When the client provides the answers to all these questions, both the parties are on the same page and we both know what is expected, what is to be delivered and tentatively, how much it is going to cost.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation! 

7 Risk-Free Fireplace Remodeling Ideas (For Any Budget!)

Sometimes, your fireplace facelift can come from the simplest idea. Your living space can turn from ‘whatever’ to ‘wow’ with only a couple of tricks. Whether you want a full-on fireplace renovation or just looking for an easy weekend upgrade, the following ideas may help you transform your home and make it a more comfortable place to live in.

Below are some of the most popular DIY fireplace remodel ideas that don’t cost a lot and guarantee awesome results.

Fireplace Paint: A Good Budget-Friendly Idea

If you are crazy about color, you can paint your fireplace exterior and choose a color that matches your room décor. The best part is that you will save a lot on your upgrade!

Whitewashing Brick Fireplace

Your brick design can be transformed and looking like new again without replacing it with new bricks. The secret lies in whitewashing it thoroughly and giving your fireplace a whole new look.

Faux Fireplace

If you want a fireplace and not ready to spend you can add a faux fireplace until your ready for the real deal!

Update A Brass Fireplace Surround

A simple DIY Project for over the weekend that will change the look of your outdated brass fireplace in a matter of hours.

Artsy Fireplace

If you think that your fireplace décor is dull and boring, one great way to make it more vivid is to add more shelves around it, put some décor on them or even invest in some art which you will place above the firestone. The results are magnificent.

Contrast Is King

Adding dramatic contrast can also re-live your fireplace. The idea is to choose a stone-based design and complement it with a similar color from the palette – yet different on its own. For example, stone fireplaces are best complemented by dark grey wall color.

A Statement-Making Tile

Tile fireplaces have always been popular for one reason – their ability to make a place vivid and turn a simple living room to an artsy one in seconds. Whatever tile you are choosing, make sure the color complements your décor. All of these ideas will help you remodel your fireplace in a cost-effective way. Plus, they will make you a smarter homeowner when you update your home and increase its value. That’s if you decide to sell it in the future!

A Final Word

In the end, it is safe to say that remodeling a fireplace is one of the lowest-cost and highest-impact delivering upgrade you can make in your home. Not only you will increase your home’s resale value, you will be able to completely transform a room and make it warmer and more user-friendly. The best part about fireplace remodeling is that it doesn’t cost a lot – and yet it gives you amazing results. No matter how vintage or modern your area is, there is always the right style, type or project for your needs.

Fireplace Remodeling Contractors

If you are interested in remodeling your fireplace soon and need ideas, our teams at Alexander and Xavier Masonry are here waiting for your call!

With us, you will get: 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and reinvent your home!

Step 1: Identify the Brick

You first step should be to find the exact, or close to exact brick, that matches the old structure. You should go through samples if possible and try to identify the style, color, and manufacturer.

If you happen to find identifying marks and the brick manufacturer still offers that style, you’re in luck as long as it’s still made at the same plant as the old.

There are many variables that go into brick making, which is why even the same bricks made in the same facility can have minor differences that are magnified once the entire wall is complete.

If you believe that you’ve found the right brick for the job, order 40-100 of them and build a small panel as a test. You might find that small errors make the wall look completely different or that it’s a very close fit. You won’t know until it’s up and in place with mortar and everything.

Step 2: Match the Range of the Original Wall with a Blend of Two or More Bricks

In many cases, you might find that just using one type of brick won’t be enough to match the full range of colors on the original wall.

If this is the case, you’ll need to think carefully, and use a selection of bricks in various colors to match the existing pattern and colors.

You need to match more than just colors, however, as everything from the material to the face height, bed depth, and length will affect the look and structure of the new wall.

To start, you should look for a complete set of brick with all of the types that you’ll need made by the same manufacturer in the same plant. If that’s not possible, look for bricks from the same maker but different plants.

If you still can’t find any, you should work to create a custom order with a manufacturer at a single facility.

Color is important, but matching the sizes of your bricks is essential for an appealing blend. If your bricks have varying sizes and shapes, your mason’s job will be extremely difficult and the result will look sloppy.

That’s why it’s crucial that you go above and beyond to ensure that they’re made by the same manufacturer in the same facility if possible.

Next, we need to discuss color and the three rules for matching color.

First, all of the colors in the blend must match. Let’s say you have a five color blend and four of them match but one doesn’t. Even just one out of five colors being wrong can affect how the overall wall looks.

Next, you must ensure that each of the colors makes up the correct percentage of the wall. For example, if the original wall has 40 percent light red, 35 dark red, and 25 percent brown, the new wall must have that same ratio.

Finally, when you lay the bricks, they need to mirror the pattern and spacing of the original wall. This ensures a smooth transition and makes the repair much less noticeable when completed.

Step 3: Use Stain Only When Necessary

When it’s all said and done, sometimes it’s impossible to find a sample of the original brick. In this case, you need to find something that is close enough and stain it to match the original wall.

To test, spray the brick with water to check its absorption. If the water soaks into the brick and it darkens, you’ll know that it’s a good candidate for stain.

You should use a proven masonry stain for this process for a variety of reasons. Specifically, it won’t hurt the brick or damage its integrity.

It is also easy to apply with a brush one brick at a time for a consistent and permanent hold. Also, masonry stain is translucent and easy to use, so rather than “painting” the brick, you can add certain colors that blend with the brick’s color for a more natural look.


Brick matching is both an art and a science but with the proven techniques in this guide along with careful planning, the final product will look almost identical to the original wall.

If you’re performing a repair, this means that hardly anybody will know the wall wasn’t constructed at the same time except for you.

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