Firebox Cracks Useful Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

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Firebox Repair

If you are living in Texas and have recently started seeing cracks in your fireplace firebox, you landed on the right page.

The truth is, every firebox is wearing out with use and time, just like any appliance in your home. That is why it is important to have it inspected each year – and how the frequent checks can help you prevent firebox repair. Same goes with chimney repair, which complements the firebox and makes up the space where the wood is burned.

Now, most of the fireboxes nowadays are made with firebricks held together by a refractory mortar. This material is designed to withstand high temperatures which is crucial for every firebox. However, if you are seeing cracks in firebox, it’s definitely about time to learn what to do next.

The Causes Of Fireplace Firebox Damage

The Causes Of Fireplace Firebox Damage | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Nowadays, fireplace fireboxes are made of high quality materials. However, even that doesn’t prevent firebox damage – as these things can withstand flames and heat but not damage in general. The top three causes of damage to fireboxes include:

Water entry – Exposure to even the smallest amounts of water can cause the problem and create the need for chimney repair

• Wear and tear – No appliance is eternal and without a properly constructed base, your firebox and chimney can shift and crack over time

• Incorrect construction – Even though this is the least common example out there, many fireboxes are not built correctly or with the right materials, making them deteriorate over time

So, if your firebox is damaged, you definitely need to consider a firebox remodeling or repair service. The truth is, firebox replacement can help you get the most out of your fireplace without the cost of tearing down the entire chimney system.

Cracks In Firebox: What Does The Damage Actually Represent?

As we said earlier, cracks in firebox are common and they are a sign of damage to the joints between the bricks found in your firebox. The reason for this damage is the heating and cooling that comes from burning wood and that causes the mortar between the firebricks to crack.

As large chunks of it start falling out, there are gaps in the firebricks that are forming and ones that potentially make your firebox out of use.

If you do not take action and consider a firebox or chimney repair service straight away, you may hold the risk of a fire in your home coming from the hot gases escaping into these same gaps. On top of that, some toxic gases like carbon monoxide can leak through these cracks and enter your home, which is another danger coming out of nowhere.

So, the best way to solve this problem is to contact a firebox repair company in Dallas Texas.

How Do You Know That You Need Firebox/Chimney Repair?

If you are wondering what are the first signs to hiring a firebox repair service, the best way to see this is to replace the firebox refractory panels the moment a nickel (on one end) can fit into a crack in the panel – or when the surface has abraded more than a quarter of the original surface.

This is a piece of advice that comes directly from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and should be not taken lightly. After all, chimney repair is the only way you can solve the problems with your firebox and have a working one in a matter of hours.

It goes without saying that cracks in firebox and chimney repair are jobs reserved for the professionals in the industry. Nowadays, there are a lot of firebox repair companies in Texas specialized in solving these issues and replacing the firebox panels in the proper way.

In need of a fireplace firebox repair professional in Plano, Richardson Texas and Surrounding Areas?

At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, we are your one-stop destination to top-quality chimney repair and firebox repair services. Whether you spotted a crack in firebox or just want to make sure that your fireplace is safe and sound, we have the right equipment and knowledge to ensure that you have a functional fireplace.

For more information on our range of services, contact us today via phone 972 217-0296; or click here to Contact Us!

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