Cost Estimate: Fireplace Repair And Chimney Repair

Our skilled and professional Masonry technicians provide quality fireplace repairs and chimney repairs such as chimney crack repair, chimney crown repair, chimney tuckpointing, chimney flashing repair, chimney firebox repair, chimney cap repair,chimney shoulders repair, chimney leak repair and chimney rebuilding for residents in Plano,Richardson,Sachse,Rowlett,Rockwall,Frisco, Murphy,Dallas and the surrounding North Dallas area.

It’s cold outside and your ready to curl up and watch a good TV show or maybe read a good book near the fireplace. you light up the fireplace and notice problems with your chimney or fireplace.

Or maybe you got a inspection and you have repointing or tuckpointing repairs you didn’t even know were there and now you have to find a reputable company to fix the problem.

The common questions you might be asking yourself .

What does a Chimney or Fireplace repair cost?

What’s the status of my Chimney shoulder does it needs repair? 

What sort of damage or a state of disrepair justifies a chimney or fireplace repair cost?

How much do occasional repairs and general upkeep of your fireplace and chimney cost?

Although there is a broad range that can be provided to the customer, eventually it all boils down to the degree of damage that has taken place inside the fireplace.

Different factors can affect the cost of your repair .

For example, a regular chimney repair job may cost you anywhere between $150-$1800, depending on time and materials needed.

If major components of the chimney need to be replaced or rebuilt from scratch, the cost can be between $1000 and $8000. The cost can go up and come down according to features of your fireplace, the make of it, the materials and the design used, and the placement and the height of the chimney.

The cost also depends on how well the fireplace and chimney have been maintained so far.

Another factor that may have a bearing on the cost of repair is the part of the fireplace or the chimney that needs the most attention and the height of the chimney.

Chimney and Fireplace Repair Estimated Cost | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Chimney and Fireplace Repair Estimated Cost 2 | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Chimney and Fireplace Repair Estimated Cost

Chimney/Fireplace Crack Repair-$300-$1200.00

Chimney Crown Repair-$400-$950.00

Chimney Flashing Repair-$275-$750.00

Chimney Leaking Repair-$275-$9200.00

Chimney Firebox Repair-$450-$1200.00

Chimney Stone Cap Repair-$750-$1200.00

Chimney Hearth Repair-$450.00-$1800.00

Chimney /Fireplace Tuck-pointing Repair-$350-$1200.00

Chimney Rebuilding-$5000.00-$15000.00

Every Chimney and Fireplace is unique this is just an estimated cost once a professional chimney repair company evaluates the repairs needed.They will be able to give you a detailed estimate along with photos of the damages to be repaired.

At Alexander and Xavier Masonry we believe that every chimney and fireplace job is unique. Once you contact us we will assess your unique situation and then present you with an estimate accordingly.

One thing we can assure you of is, there are no surprises when you work with experts for your chimney and fireplace repair job.

Why it is important to get your fireplace and chimney repaired from a professional Masonry company

A fireplace, understandably, might easily be the most comforting place in your house or property, especially when its freezing cold outside. It is an important part, and it is also a part that is constantly working at providing you comfort in the background. When you remember the comfort of your home, the place around the hearth also holds a special place.

Despite being an important part of your household, unfortunately, the fireplace ends up being neglected simply because all the action is happening within the confines of the fireplace and chimney. When damage is happening, you cannot see it immediately.

A fireplace has different components, and these components need to be routinely maintained and cleaned up not just for optimal performance but also for the sake of safety. Many devastating fires are triggered merely because the fireplace is not cleaned.

Although many modern households these days have gas-powered fireplaces, many still use wood for the fire.

When wood is burned, creosote gets deposited inside the chimney lining. It is a sort of deposit that rises from the burning wood and gets settled within the smoke chamber and the blockage of the chimney flue.

Over time this deposit becomes inflammable and catches fire.

Even if it doesn’t catch fire, it chokes up the ventilation and may fill your room or apartment with toxic smoke, endangering the lives of your loved ones.

The cost of fireplace and chimney repair and maintenance compared to the cost of the safety of your family is nothing.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that fireplaces and chimneys be inspected for blockages and other repairs, at least annually.

Aside from creosote, the blockage may occur due to animals and birds getting trapped inside the fireplace. Sometimes birds and small animals build their nests inside your chimney because of the warmth it provides.

Although it is easy to stop birds and small animals from entering your chimney through the roof by installing bird guards, if you have just recently installed the bird guards, it would be prudent to get all the parts of your fireplace and the chimney thoroughly checked.

Need chimney weather protection? We have it for you.

You can get your fireplace and chimney inspected by a professional masonry services company and avail yourself of professional tuckpointing services at a very low cost, especially when not much repair work is required

Most of the fireplace and chimney related problems originate due to prolonged neglect.

Chimney-Repair-Common-Problems _ Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Alexander and Xavier Masonry can handle all major fireplace repair and chimney repair jobs including chimney rebuilding, chimney hearth repair firebox repair, crack repairs, repointing brick, chimney cap , chimney crown repairs and flashing repairs.

Wondering what’s causing all those problems within your fireplace and chimney? Give us a call and we will diagnose the problem and fix it. Even with a simple chimney leak problem don’t hesitate to call us.

Want to know how much your fireplace repair or chimney repair is going to cost you? Give us a call today! We will be able to provide you an actual cost after an onsite inspection. (972) 217-0296

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