Style with Stone: 15 Unique Stone Fireplace Ideas for Your Home

Home is where the hearth is!

As a homeowner, brick and natural stone masonry could be one of the easiest ways to spice up your home. Thus, it is truly important to curate the best stone fireplace design perfect for your own space and style

Get inspiration and ignite those creative senses with our top 15 stone fireplace ideas for your stone fireplace

For a chill and cozy fireplace

Build a stone fireplace that hits close to home. These fireplace designs will surely create a warm, fuzzy feeling for you and your loved ones!

Choosing a stacked stone fireplace style can spice up homes and make your space more visually appealing and cozy. 

Stacked Stone | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Choosing a stacked stone fireplace style can spice up homes and make your space more visually appealing and cozy. This fireplace uses light color combinations of stacked stone that creates a nature-themed living room.

You can either choose natural stone or stone veneer for your fireplace, depending on your style and choice of stone quality.

You can never go wrong with a cabin-inspired stone fireplace for a more rustic vibe. 

Don’t forget to step up your fireplace with log mantle that highlights the overall look of your fireplace.

With the right choice of natural wood paired with timber walls and additional wooden decor, your home would definitely be perfect for a night of smores and hot chocolate.

Cabin-Style | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Lodge-Style | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

This lodge-like stone fireplace with varying stone veneer textures can elevate your stacked stone fireplace.

In this stone fireplace, the stone fireplace surround truly makes the living room interior natural and rustic. Wood textures can also be your go-to in case you need ideas for your custom mantel.

If your home permits, why not add this cozy outdoor stone fireplace in your design ideas?

You may use rustic colors and add beautiful stone arrangements to the fireplace mantel and hearth for a great outdoor barbeque night!

Outdoor standalone | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Center Column | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

This living room stone fireplace makes use of white wall that gives it a fresh, simple look. For center columns, take note of the black slate stone veneer to give it a pop of color.

Column fireplaces usually reaches the ceiling for a contemporary interior for your house. This fireplace idea utilizes your plain wall and turns it into a classic!

Posh and chic stone fireplace ideas

If you’re looking for a more high-class and elegant fireplace, get ideas from the posh and chic list—curated for your contemporary lifestyle.

Tired of the usual stacked stone or brick fireplace? Give life to modern design with a black slate hearth.

This is a great design for a plain wall to add more contrast and depth to your fireplace.

Slate Hearth | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Wildly Colorful Fireplace Mantel Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Extending your fireplace from the floor to ceiling can emphasize the focal point of your house. It’s better to use cultured stone for these fireplace ideas since it’s generally lighter than natural stone.

This stone fireplace idea is a great way to present the new and modern stone. You can level up your interior design by using a white custom mantel.

Drift away from that fireplace cliché with this easy and budget-friendly choice fireplace ideas

You can also install a modern mantel and surround it with a glossy tile façade.

Bold Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
High Gloss | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Décor your stone fireplace with high gloss paint and you’re good to go. 

Match it with a modern, elevated hearth for that royal mood in your room.

Last but not the least, this fireplace will surely light up any room with its modern take on the classic stone fireplace ideas.

Modern Charcoal | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Stone fireplace with everything nice!

Mix and match with these stone fireplace ideas that gives you more creative freedom!

Oak Plank | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Play with textures and gradients with this type of fireplace

It gives you a dab of modern architecture with a dash of culture, from its mantel to the hearth!

Marbled walls can be made substitutes for your fireplace stone ideas.

Tell a story with preserved stone fireplace ideas for your living room. 

This fireplace stone gives a historical but contemporary energy to any place.

Preserved Stone | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Stacked Contrast | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Make use of those chopped timbers to decorate your room. 

This idea is very elegant yet uniquely astonishing.

Create a vintage, old-school effect using salvaged wood from an old shop and add it to your new home!

Salvaged wood mantel | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Shapeshifter | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Here’s another contender for your list of stone fireplace ideas. 

Combine rock types and make your fireplace unique with this stone artwork of all shapes and sizes.

Quick Tips for Your Stone Fireplace Decor

Stone fireplace ideas are not all about aesthetics. Here’s a quick ABC check before you begin designing your own stone fireplace.


Whatever set of stone fireplace ideas works for you, remember to highlight the hearth of your home for a better living experience.

For stone designs and masonry solutions in Garland, Texas, contact Alexander and Xavier Masonry. We provide budget-friendly but high-quality construction, renovation and repair.

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