Warm Up Your Home with These 6 Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace Ideas

If you're looking into renovating your home, consider restoring or adding a new wood-burning fireplace indoors.

It’s a perfect addition to your home if you want to keep things traditional and it’s something that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.

We’ve listed wood burning fireplace ideas to help you see what to install in your home.

Wood Fireplaces: At a Glance

There are many different types of indoor fireplaces. Homeowners who want to add a fireplace without a masonry fireplace can go for other types, like a large firebox that gets framed into a wall in a living room. Let’s take a look at available wood-burning fireplace for indoor.

1. Traditional Open Hearth

Typically made of stone or brick, open-hearth fireplaces have been around for centuries. 

Traditional Open Hearth Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

You can really feel the heat, smell the burning of wood, and see smoke wafting in the air when you are close to them.

These hearth wood fireplaces feel the most authentic and are usually built in older homes and log cabins

However, they are not the efficient type. It’s not easy installing one if your home doesn’t have a fireplace available. 

It takes much amount of efficient masonry work to put in the opening and the chimney for proper venting. There’s also the price of wood products to consider.

2. Fireplace Inserts

These fireplace inserts are built to fit into existing fireplaces in both log cabins and modern homes. 

They are installed by sliding them into the opening of fireplaces. Fireplace inserts make open-heart heating systems more fuel-efficient. 

With these fire inserts, you can save on the costs of wood or log products. 

3. Wood-burning Stoves

Wood-burning Stoves Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Know that wood stoves are not technically fireplaces but an alternative if you want to burn wood for heating without relying on a fireplace

To install a wood stove indoors, you need to use a pipe to vent the smoke through your chimney to the outside whenever you burn wood. 

4. Enclosed Fireplaces

Opposite to open hearths, these are enclosed in a large glass panel, which makes it more efficient than many traditional hearths. Since they are enclosed, they release less heat energy up the chimney whenever you burn wood.

You can feel the heat and have the cozy feel as you look on the wood-burning fire inside the panel. 

Enclosed Fireplaces Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

5. Tabletop Fireplaces

Tabletop fireplaces are a smart addition to your living room. They are available in various sizes and can be used in various settings. Most of them are portable and are usually placed on tables in living rooms. 

Features include being easy to carry around and best for limited space. Get this portable product for an acceptable price and take it from one room to another to warm up your house. 

Tabletop Fireplaces Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the costs of brick and masonry fireplace if you go for this option.

You cannot burn wood with this option as it usually uses ethanol to light up a fire and heat up your house.

6. Wall-mounted Fireplaces

If your house has limited room, go for this type. Wall-mounted fireplaces are installed on any wall. 

They serve dual purpose as they are both heat systems and wall art. You may mount a wood-burning fireplace on your wall as an alternative to a television as centerpiece of your living area.

Wall-mounted Fireplaces Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

EPA Certified Wood Fireplaces vs Decorative Wood Fireplaces

As per current standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on particulate matter emissions, indoor fireplace units cannot release more than 2.5grams/hour of particulate matter into the air. Indoor wood fireplace units are classified into two.

1. EPA Certified Wood Fireplaces

EPA Certified Wood Fireplaces refer to any unit that releases heat energy and serves as a main source of heat: wood stoves, fire inserts, wood fireplaces, firebox. They meet stringent emissions standards and release less particulate matter into the air, unlike an open masonry fireplace. They burn wood very cleanly, use heat efficiently, and are built to meet EPA standards.

2. Decorative Indoor Fireplaces

Exempt from EPA standards, these fireplaces are not intended for heating. A wood-burning fireplace or an indoor firebox may be eligible for decorative status. A stove, insert, or any model that is used as a main source of heat can’t be classified as one.

Hope you found this post helpful. For installing new brick or stone fireplace inserts and other types of change in masonry fireplaces, turn to the good guys at Alexander and Xavier Masonry in Garland, Texas. We’re available for any masonry inquiries. Feel free to get in touch.

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