5 Fireplace Mantel Ideas and Designs for a Homey Feel This Christmas

You’ll need fireplace mantel ideas if you want everyone to feel they're home for Christmas.

Mantels are typically the focal point of any living room, and people tend to gather at the hearth to talk or celebrate. So, it sure deserves much love and attention

Besides, nothing spells Christmas better than the fireplace mantel in a room.

If you want to get fireplace mantel ideas, tips, and other interesting information about decorating your mantel this Christmas, then this article by Alexander and Xavier Masonry is surely for you.

Designs for joyful fireplace mantel ideas

Designs for joyful fireplace mantel ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If you have a stone fireplace or brick fireplace mantel in your living room, then you know how fun mantel decorating is. It’s even double the fun at Christmas.

You can create an elegant or rustic design to complement your room furniture. Also, styling your mantel to look new and modern or making it simple, cozy, and easy on the eye could be one way to go. Use colors against a white wall or wood against a brick design. Highlight an artwork like a painting or your photo in a frame.

Mantels reflect love in every home. So, bring love to your home with these fireplace mantel design ideas that would make anyone feel like being home for Christmas.

Less is more. This modern or new concept is fundamental to minimalist design, engendering the best mantel ideas for your home. This Christmas, look into the essentials of mantel decorating and let go of unnecessary decor.

What do you want to display on your fireplace mantel wall? An art? A family portrait? Decide your display based on what you want to highlight. If you want a Christmasy display, then use a wreath. If you want art, you may hang a painting or other art pieces.

Meanwhile, instead of a large Christmas tree, go a different way. Use a tall branch, for instance. Adorn it with a Christmas light and add a few small Christmas items.

On the mantel, place a piece or two items, such as vases, a mirror, or a stack of books. You may also hang a few Christmas stockings with simple designs. Then, keep the hearth empty for easy movement.

Remember to use shades of soft color on your mantel. Try black and white or anything neutral. Remember, less is more, and it’s true also with the color combination. So, on a white fireplace, try some red shade pieces of gold trinkets. Simple and easy on the eye.

Perfect symmetry is the most common of all decorating ideas, but many don’t really get tired of this design on their fireplace mantel, be it a stone fireplace or other types. Perhaps because the human brain actually strives to see things symmetrically, according to scientist Alan Lightman.

Perfect symmetry means mirror-imaging: whatever you see on the left half of a design is the exact one on the right. So, a Christmas tree on the left side of your brick fireplace mantel must have an exact copy on the right side—remember mirror image. 

If you do this, make sure to use a slim Christmas tree unless you have a massive space at the hearth of the fireplace mantel. If you’ve got issues with the walls or chimney, you can approach professionals from Alexander and Xavier Masonry in Garland Texas to help you complete repair and restoration in your fireplace. 

The key to symmetry is one large piece sitting at the center of a fireplace mantel.

It could be a pot of poinsettias or anything that matches the living room and create a cozy home. Add a matching decor or pieces on each side: a frame or candlesticks. Make sure to orient every piece as a mirror of its counterpart.

Some people prefer asymmetry over symmetry. Asymmetrical balance means different pieces on either side of a design or display together create a balance. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is one artwork that may best describe this balance. The elements on the left of this painting differ from those on the right but there is eye-appealing balance.

Randomly placing pieces or accessories in a space does not necessarily bring balance. Asymmetrical balance is still strategic, and asymmetrical mantel design ideas for your living room may have significantly different objects.

Set your fireplace; surround it with wood against a brick, black against white, nothingness against fullness, wood against stone, or wood against a marble. Look into the height of an object or a decor; check light against dark, rustic against elegant, new against old. This design style requires uncommon ideas for your mantel.

For a stone or brick fireplace mantel, find a huge tree for the right side of the mantel and balance it with an empty space on the left. Yes, explore the modern style, but avoid using too many random assortments.

Most people associate Christmas colors. If you think this way too, then a homey Christmas display for your home would probably be a fireplace mantel bursting with lots of colors instead of black, white, or anything neutral. The best way to create a colorful fireplace mantel is to think of the color wheel and put together all the bright colors you see on it.

A white fireplace sets the best foundation for this style in a room. On the wall, hang a wreath with colored ribbons. Then, beside the fireplace mantel, set up a Christmas tree with a height much higher than the mantel. Dress it with items, such as a marble, light, and other Christmas objects.

For the fireplace mantel edges, find an old garland; add Christmas balls to it and other colorful objects. Styling it further with a bright-colored ribbon would be great! Set the combined decor to run along the edges of the fireplace mantel. This will surely cheer up the room.

Wildly Colorful Fireplace Mantel Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Perhaps this design is the toughest to maintain. Still, it brings the freshest vibes. No need for many accessories for your room. This design is best with wood furniture or other wood art pieces.

To start off, get a real plant for your Christmas tree. Styling it with fresh colorful flowers is ideal. Also, add Christmas accessories for a cheerier design. Yes, you have to change the flowers regularly.

As for your fireplace mantel’s centerpiece, consider a birdcage, if you have birds or a bulky plant. Once you’ve decided on a centerpiece, complete the design with smaller pieces. Go for scented candles or small boxes of potpourris to leave fresh scents in the room.

What looks great on fireplace mantels?

When styling your fireplace mantel, it’s tough to decide what pieces go well with the mantel. If you can’t choose items to complete your design, try one of the suggested objects.

Besides, these things could also be already in your home! 

Quick tips for decorating fireplace mantel

Quick tips for decorating fireplace mantel Fireplace Mantel Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Whatever design you target for your fireplace mantel ideas, there are going to be some things you must keep in mind.

Here are some tips:

What mistakes to avoid with fireplace mantel decor

Failure is the mother of success. Before you truly achieve the homey look you want for your fireplace mantel, you’ll probably experience a lot of down moments.

So, here are some typical mistakes newbies make. It’s best to be aware of them so you can avoid them.

Getting ready!

Nothing screams Christmas more than a fireplace mantel in a home does.

Which fireplace mantel decorating ideas do you think are best for your living room to set a focal point? Tell us which design you like best! Get ready to start decorating!

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