Pool Mastic Repair and Why It Is Important?

Installing a ground pool is one of the highest cash consuming ventures in your home. So, therefore, you need to find ways to maintain it and prevent it from getting damaged, so it can serve you well for a very long time. You need to educate yourself about pool mastic; how it works and how you can make use of it to prevent water from damaging the concrete. You also have to decide if you want to go DIY or hire a contractor to help you fix the problem.

What is Pool Mastic?

When in-ground swimming pools are installed expansion joints are included. The purpose of this joint is to help provide space for concrete that is likely to expand and contrasts due to temperature difference around the pool. The expansion also helps during moisture content changes, drying shrinkage, and deflection. Over time this joints break down, begin to crack, and needed fixing. Pool Mastic is a sealant that delivers firm, flexible, and waterproof on expansion joints around every swimming pool. Pool mastic is easy to use, very effective, resistance to pool chemicals and help to seal expansion joints to make swimming pool remain very functional.

What is Mastic Joint?

There are two independent structures in the swimming pool, including the pool and pool deck. These structures are connected by means of mastic joint which are installed to allow for expansion of the pool. The mastic joint, which surrounds the pool do crack so you need to find ways to seal it as quickly as you can. Why should you care about sealing the mastic joint? 

When mastic joints become weak they allow water into the concrete which leads to soil or deck movements that can make your swimming pool impossible to operate. Using a pool mastic is one of the most effective ways to help seal leaks and make the pool function properly. You should avoid making use of any other kind of sealant like sand etc. because they do not have the properties that pool mastic has – which is the ability to expand and contract without leakage.

How Long Does Pool Mastic Repair Last ?

How Long Does Pool Mastic Repair Last section | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Pool mastic repair when applied would stay for at least 5 years. However, it sometimes lasts for longer or shorter time depending on weather conditions, how often the pool is used, the frequency of maintenance, product brand, etc. You also have to make sure that you applied it the right way using a method that guarantees proper utilization.

Pool Mastic Repair Installation Contractor

You can install your pool mastic yourself, no doubt about that. In fact, with some help from YouTube videos and top DIY sites, your work becomes much easier. However, if you find out the damage to your mastic has gone beyond the ordinary, you’ll be better off hiring a pool mastic repair installation contractor. Hiring a pool mastic installation contractor puts your mind at rest because they are professionals who have been in the business for a long time.

The services of the contractor start with an inspection to know the level of damage, determine the best method to solve the problem and prepare an estimate. Contractors also have the requisite tools to help provide you with the best repair service you can ever hope for. Working around the pool sometimes may require electric tools that will be plugged in and that can be dangerous. When you hire a contractor all of that is adequately taken care of. They understand all the safety rules and will be taking the risks on your behalf.

Many Pool mastic repair  DIY jobs go the wrong way when proper instructions are not followed. A tiny mistake with your pool can lead to consequences that can cost you even more. A contractor will be able to advise you on the best tips to help protect your pool so that the pool mastic lasts longer than usual. You’re also guaranteed of professional service provided by professional experts so every cent you spent is valuable. Besides, you don’t even have all the time and energy to spend on this, so calling the experts will save you so much trouble so that you just sit back, relax, and watch as your pool is turned new.

Replacing Old Mastic between Pool and Decking

The moment you find out the deck is pulling away from the pool due to old pool mastic, prepare yourself for a replacement. You’ll be able to prevent further damage, which can be caused by water finding its way into the gap. To start you need all the necessary tools. Safety first in everything you do especially right now that you know you’re going to be working near a pool. You need to get an extension cord to a GCFI outlet and run it through pool umbrella handle. Use an oscillating cutter with a blade on it to cut and remove the old pool mastic to give way for the new. After cutting, remove every piece of the old mastic to give way for the new application. Make sure the gap is clean and well-prepared to receive the new sealant application.

If the expansion joint is too wide you can include some closed cell backer rod so you don’t have to waste so much sealant on it. Sometimes, even after applying the sealant you still find places where you need to fill up with more closed cell backer to ensure that the entire gap is properly filled to prevent water from getting into it. Make sure you check the entire space so you don’t miss any spot. After application, leave the entire job for about an hour before running another bead, so it can work even better.

Understanding pool mastic and how it can help make your pool better and more functional is essential. If you’re doing DIY make sure you have all the tools and instructions ready for you to make it work. If you don’t have the time to do it then hire a pool mastic repair installation contractor. Hire Alexander and Xavier Masonry  who is well known, has many years of expertise, and ready to deliver the perfect solution that will make your pool safe and functional.

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