Pool Coping Guide: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

Pool coping is to your pool what a frame is to a picture. A simple picture can be turned into an elegant piece of art when it’s placed in the right frame. The same happens with your swimming pool when the right coping is used.

It can take it from a drab, boring pool that looks more like it’s public kiddie-pool and turn it into a key feature of your backyard, all while protecting your pool’s structural integrity.

So what is pool coping, and why do you need it? Let’s have a quick look at those questions. We’ll also show you some different styles and materials used for pool edging, as well as some things you should keep in mind if you think you might need replacement pool coping

So, what is pool coping anyway?

Pool coping is a protective cap or lip that goes around the edge of your pool. (See the picture showing the pool coping.)

So, what is pool coping anyway | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Coping can come in a variety of materials like natural stone, travertine, brick, and decorative concrete. 

Further down in the article, we talk a little more about different styles and materials.

But why do I need pool coping?

But why do I need pool coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry.jpg

You’d be surprised to learn the vital role pool coping plays in keeping your pool and surrounding areas structurally sound.

  • -Enhances the Overall Appearance

When an inground pool is installed, the top surface of the poured concrete has a rough, unfinished look. So stone, brick, or concrete pavers are installed around the edge of the pool for a more stylish look.

  • -Improves Water Drainage

Many times this edging is slanted away from the pool to help direct water away from your pool and towards the pool drains. Once water is splashed out of your pool, you don’t want it running back in and taking a bunch of debris along with it.

  • -Keeps the Structural Integrity and Safety

Pool edging also helps separate the swimming pool structure from the surrounding patio. Due to changes in humidity and temperature as well as ground settling, your pool’s structure and surrounding areas will move, expand, and contract in different ways. 

  • -Protects from Serious Property Damage

If your pool and patio surface were connected in one piece and just your patio settled even a fraction of an inch, it could create cracks in your patio surface. Pool coping creates a convenient breaking point, so your pool and patio are free to flex and settle without creating any unsightly cracks.

  • -Reduces Maintenance Costs

Coping also helps prevent water from seeping into the soil behind your pool wall. If this were to happen, it could cause changes in the soil behind your pool walls, which could potentially cause structural problems and costly repairs.

Coping Styles and Materials

There are tons of different types of materials you can use for your pool coping. Some are general purpose masonry products, while others are designed specifically for the edge of your pool. Let’s look at a few of the most popular products.

Travertine Pool Coping

One of the most popular options for a superb combination of natural beauty and long-term durability is travertine.

Travertine pool coping is water and moisture-resistant, has a similar hardness to marble, and handles temperature changes quite well. That’s why travertine pool coping is such a popular choice.

Coping Styles and Materials -Travertine Pool Coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry.jpg

Lueders Pool Coping

Lueders is a type of limestone that’s native to North Texas. Alexander & Xavier  Masonry is based in North Texas and has experience working with lueders.

Lueders limestone pool coping is another popular choice since it brings natural stone charm and does well at handing temperature changes throughout the year. Lueders stone is also a smart choice to put around your pool because of its naturally slip-resistant surface.

Brick Paver Coping

Another popular choice for their timeless look and rugged durability is brick pavers. They’re relatively easy to install and can conform nicely to tight pool contours. Plus, they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Coping Styles and Materials - Brick Paver Coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry.jpg

Poured Concrete Coping

A custom concrete border around your pool is a great way to get a unique look. Concrete is a versatile material and can be stamped, stained, and shaped to match the rest of your pool area. 

Instead of laying stone or brick tiles around the edge of your pool, a form is built that follows your pool’s shape. Then, the concrete is poured and finished to create a durable pool border with a custom look.

These are just a few of the most common styles and materials. There are also tile pool borders, composite pool coping products, and other types of natural stone pool edging.

Coping Styles and Materials - Poured Concrete Coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry.jpg

Should I replace my pool coping?

If your coping is cracked, loose, or just plain ugly – then yes, you should consider replacement pool coping. If cracks allow water to get behind your pool’s walls, this could cause the soil to shift and eventually could lead to severe damage to your pool’s structure and more costly repairs.

So replacement pool coping is a relatively cost-effective way to help extend the life of your pool and make sure it’s a safe place for you and your family while adding some extra beauty to your backyard area.

Should I replace my pool coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry.jpg

How much does pool coping cost?

The price for pool coping repairs will depend on several factors – the materials used and how easy they are to work with, the shape of your swimming pool (curved pools are harder to work around than rectangular ones), and the condition of your inground pool. 

How much does pool coping cost | Alexander and Xavier Masonry.jpg

At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, we pride ourselves on our affordable pool coping offers in Texas so you and your family can make the most of your swimming pool for years to come.

Contact us today and get a FREE estimate on your pool coping installation or repair. Whether it’s brick, paver, lueders, or travertine, we’re ready to help!

We also offer different types of pool renovations service.

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