Chimney Shoulder Repair: How To Waterproof Your Chimney

Chimney Shoulder Repair-If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your chimney until you have a problem. Chimney shoulder repair is something that every homeowner would say ‘no’ to. However, it is also one of the most important decisions to make, coming from the chimney shoulder which is the  one of the most important area in a chimney.

Why Is The Chimney Shoulder A Crucial Part Of The Chimney?

The truth is, a chimney shoulder is a part where the chimney begins to narrow as the masonry gets higher. This gives a reduced angle which creates ledges that keep rainwater from draining easily away from the brick or stone.

On top of that, we all know that chimneys take a beating from severe weather all year round. Water penetration is one of the leading causes of deterioration and damage – and waterproofing is a simple and easy task that extends the life of your chimney and protects its shoulder.

Why Is The Chimney Shoulder A Crucial Part Of The Chimney | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

So, How To Waterproof Your Chimney The Right Way And Prevent Leaks?

Knowing that chimney leaks are more than just frustrating nowadays, waterproofing your chimney is the safest way to solve your chimney leaking problems. To do that, however, you first need to:

  1. Measure the surface area of your chimney – The first step is to determine how much material you need which is known by measuring all sides of the chimney and adding all of them together to find the total area.
  2. Clean the chimney – Buying a masonry cleaning agent can help you. All you need to do is mix it with water and apply it with a pump-up garden sprayer. One gallon of this agent makes five gallons of diluted cleaner. You can also check out article for maintaining chimney.
  3. Protect the non-target areas – Getting overspray on the shingles can cause discoloration. This is why you need to use a canvas cloth around the base of the chimney to protect the non-target areas.
  4. Do minor chimney repairs – This is where everything gets tricky. If you are not skilled to do minor chimney repairs on your own (minor cracks etc.), make sure to hire a professional before cleaning your chimney. For an idea on how it will cost, you can also check our chimney repair cost estimate guide.  
  5. Choose a water repellent – The last step is to make the surface breathable again by keeping the water out – best done with a water repellent.

Or…Hire A Pro And Get Your Chimney Shoulder Professionally Inspected And Repaired

If you are the average type of homeowner with no knowledge in chimney repair, hiring a pro is usually the most affordable, time-saving and smart decision. At A and X Masonry, we would love to help you with your chimney shoulder repair – and show you what true professional work means while giving you chimney expert advice on your specific problems.

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