Outdoor Kitchen Construction DIY or Hire a Outdoor Kitchen Contractor?

We’ve all been there – visualizing the perfect outdoor kitchen for our needs and seeing it as an easy DIY task. However, as soon as the measuring process and buying of materials begins, many of us realize that outdoor kitchen plans are best left to Outdoor kitchen construction professionals.

In a nutshell, the best way to organize your outdoor kitchen is to know your space in detail. When thinking and creating your ideal outdoor kitchen space, know each and every one of your needs. For example, if you need a small outdoor kitchen for barbecuing, you should focus on placing the barbecue in a central position. Alternatively, if your focus is on building a large pavilion with a dining area, you should plan the dining space ahead.

Additionally, cooking outdoors means that you will probably need space for all the materials and quick access to your main kitchen for easy transportation. In order to help you build the perfect outdoor kitchen in Dallas, we are listing some of the best designs and ideas below.

1.Outdoor Kitchen Construction Plan With Pizza Oven

Outdoor Kitchen Construction Plan With Pizza Oven | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
First on our list is what we like to call “The Little Italy” outdoor kitchen – mostly because of the pizza oven which serves as the focal point in the entire kitchen. Obviously, this oven can be used for a variety of foods and specialties. However, the main one is the pizza for which you need to create some space and design a great ventilation system. The best case scenario for an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven is an L-shaped structure that will fit the oven and provide counter space. Also, you need a (concrete) structure that is strong and solid enough to hold the pizza oven.




2. A Modern Outdoor Kitchen With Furniture & Dining Area

This outdoor kitchen idea is best left to professionals, masonry contractors in Dallas and architects to plan out. However, if you have a lot of (unused) space in your outdoor area, you can design it too. The good thing is that with all of the materials and elements, you won’t even think about going inside in the warm months.

All you need for starters is to measure the space and plan where the kitchen, furniture and dining area will be. Some of the basic needs include an oven, a sink and a space for carrying out the lunch and preparing your salads. If you don’t want to overcomplicate things and get a complete kitchen, you can settle with an oven and a sink – and focus on the furniture and dining area instead.




3. A Small Outdoor Kitchen In The Patio With The Basic Essentials

For limited outdoor spaces, this is the best-case scenario when it comes to outdoor kitchen designs. Whether you live in Dallas or the surrounding areas in Texas, even the coziest and most compact outdoor kitchen can still give you great function.

However, it is important to keep your mind and budget focused on your basic needs – and the essentials that you will use the most. These may include a cook center, an island and a gas-burning or a charcoal-burning grill as some of the most common types.

If you want more (or your space allows for more), you can also invest in a countertop overhang for breakfast bar-style seating or a small sink and under-counter space for a trash can.




4. An Outdoor Kitchen By The Pool

For many homeowners, the idea of a kitchen by the pool seems perfect. You can see your kids playing, feel the morning breeze while preparing breakfast or have the perfect dinner in your home (or weekend house) ambiance.

However, building an outdoor kitchen by the pool is not that easy. You will certainly need the help of a masonry contractor or a landscape designer – especially if you want to focus on a top-quality grill, oven or any brick-based work.

Since most of the pools are placed in open areas, you will certainly need a shelter where your kitchen will get natural shade from the afternoon sun or from the house itself. If there is no natural shade, you can add a few umbrellas and make the kitchen (and dining area) even more comfortable.




5. Outdoor Kitchen Design With Pergola

If you want to go a step further, you can even invest in a pergola that is covered with leafy vines. Even if you don’t consider leafy vines or greens, a pergola covered with a simple countertop will allow some air to pass through and therefore ventilate your kitchen naturally.

Whether your pergola oversees the outdoor kitchen only – or the entire dining space – it is a nice investment that will always keep you, your kitchen and your loved ones sheltered under the sun.




A Final Word

We hope that these outdoor kitchen construction designs and plans will help you better visualize your  dream outdoor living space for your  home and invest in an outdoor kitchen that works for your needs.

If you need a helping hand during the process, you can contact our expert outdoor kitchen construction technicians and masonry experts – and get the best possible results by an experienced team of Alexander and Xavier Masonry professionals!

Contact us today and learn more!

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