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Things To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen Space

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your outdoor kitchen.  You have thought about creating this space for some time.  Let’s get started creating it today!  There are lots of options and decisions to make when putting together the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Things To Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen Space | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Construction Timeline

As with any remodeling project, make sure you take the time needed to fully plan things out.  How long will the project take?  You’re going to work down outside the home and inclement weather can slow the project down.  Make sure you allow plenty of time to get everything finished just the way you want it.

The materials you choose can also affect the timeline.  If you want a rare stone or countertop, it will take the time to get materials in.  Installation is also affected by the material.  When planning your new outdoor space, work these times into the overall project.  The bigger the project, the more time it will take.

The last major component of any remodeling project is the budget.  Before you begin your outdoor kitchen, know what you have to spend.  Labor, materials, and appliances all add up.  You should always allow for surprise costs as well.  Get your budget in line and then start shopping!

Patio Space

The first big decision to make is what type of patio you want.  Are you going to have concrete poured?  Do you want a natural stone set or a stone outdoor kitchen?  Or maybe an intricate brick design is more your style?  While the look of your outdoor kitchen is important, the functionality of what you design needs to be thought of first.  Each material you could choose from has its own benefits.  Make sure you put enough thought and research into the patio flooring so you get the look you want with the functionality you need.


The outdoor kitchen can have as few, or as many, appliances as you want!  Is a large, multifunctional grill on your wish list?  How about an outdoor refrigerator?  You can install a range, a smoker, or even an outdoor pizza oven!  The possibilities for your outdoor kitchen space are endless.

Choosing which appliances will fit your budget, available space, and what you’re looking for in your new kitchen can be difficult.  At this stage in the planning, you may need a bit of guidance and expertise to help you make your decision.  For any questions or for planning assistance, contact Alexander and Xavier Masonry!  We can help you get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams by helping you make the right choices. Call us at (972) 217-0296 and let’s start talking!

Countertops and Cabinets

For an outdoor kitchen, having plenty of storage space is a must.  You want to choose counters that look great and will hold up to being outdoors.  Some popular options are concrete, bluestone, or granite.  Remember your budget when comparing your choices.  Another thing to keep in mind is matching your outdoor kitchen to your house.  It’s a part of your home and the styles and colors you choose should compliment the rest of the property.

Design Extras!

Once you have the appliances, patio material, cabinets, and counters picked out, then you get to decorate the rest of your space!  Are you going to include patio furniture?  A built in bar?  A fire pit?  What additional features do you want to see in your space?  If you’re planning on entertaining family and friends often, getting great seating is a must.  Each year, new patterns, styles, and sets come out.  Get out and check out what this summer has to offer!

Designing an outdoor kitchen is something you’ve been thinking about and wishing you could do.  Now is a perfect time!  Get ready for a fantastic summer by getting your dream outdoor kitchen.  For design and planning help, look to Alexander and Xavier Masonry and our expertise!  We’re here to help you get exactly what you’ve been dreaming about.  Give us a call TODAY to start planning your project!

Lets get your project schedule! Contact us at (972) 217-0296

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