How Much Does Flagstone Cost: Home Improvement on a Budget

As a homeowner, a cost-efficient home design is necessary especially for a flagstone style for your walls, pathways, and patios.

Generally, these stones cost around $15-$30 per square foot; however, this price range differs on factors, such as labor, concrete materials, and construction costs. It may also vary according to flagstone type, design, and size. 

If you want to get a rough estimate for your next flagstone project, this article will help you design your place, especially if you’re on a budget.

Flagstone Prices per Square Foot

Flagstone Prices per Square Foot | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

The price of an average flagstone alone can cost from $2 to $6 per sq ft, but this does not include concrete, labor, installation cost, and base. In total, the cost of flagstone per square foot ranges from $15-$30 per sq ft.

This could go higher in some cases, especially if you choose high-cost flagstone construction. Compared to low cost and average cost flagstone prices, this will incur more expensive installation fees.

Here are some of the factors considered in the financial quotes per sq ft:

Flagstone Cost by Size and Shape


In some cases, flagstone prices are priced by the ton, depending whether the stone type needed for the project is irregular or dimensional.

Flagstone prices per ton range from $200, such as Oklahoma brown flagstone pavers, up to $300-$500, for average to high-cost options for a flagstone patio.

Here’s a list of the common stone sizes you can choose from: 

Flagstone Pricing by Type

Part of construction costs computed by your contractor is the stone types to be installed. This affects the installation price for landscaping projects.

What to consider in your flagstone budget?

What’s next?

Whether you choose a budget-friendly $200 patio flagstone or pay for a premium $750 walkway, these factors are crucial in budgeting your flagstone installation.

Hiring masonry pros near you is still the best way to go. They can curate the design you have in mind and at the same time align it to your budget.

See the professionals in Alexander and Xavier Masonry from Garland, Texas to install your next project. Get quotes for flagstone installation and other services on home repair, construction, and masonry. 

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