4 Reasons Why You May Need Masonry Repairs!

Why you need masonry repairs. Discussing the 4 major problems of stone masonry works like rusted steels and mortar and brick deterioration. Read more!

As a homeowner or  property owner, one of the biggest repairs you may need to think about is a stone masonry repair.

Masonry work, when installed properly, can last years without much maintenance, but eventually, repairs will have to be made.

If the masonry was not installed properly, or the contractor skipped a crucial step, you may face repairs sooner rather than later.

Weather elements, intense heat, and frigid cold can cause the brickwork and mortar to crack.

Cracks in masonry walls are a danger not only to the structure itself but for the entire building or property. If you notice cracked masonry, you need to address the problem as soon as possible. Waiting to make these repairs could end up costing you thousands of dollars!

In this article, we’ll focus on 4 reasons why you may need masonry repairs!

1. Rusted Steel or Missing Lintels Is A Leading Cause In Masonry Repairs

Lintels are an important part of masonry work and need to be maintained to keep the integrity of the masonry. Lintels are beams that support masonry and are found where there is an opening in the wall.  

Doors and windows are the most common places to find steel lintels. Some contractors may skip installing steel lintels to save time or money.  

If you find that your house or property is missing these important supports, they need to be installed. Ignoring the lack of lintels could cause your brick to break and come down.  This could result in unfortunate damage or even injury!

It’s best to make sure the lintels were installed properly and get a Masonry Contractor out as soon as possible to correct the shoddy work. You may contact us for immediate help!

If you have steel lintels in place, there is still maintenance that is required.  Steel can rust and when it does, it becomes weaker, leading your lintels to lose their support of the masonry work.

Check that moisture isn’t trapped in the walls, leading to faster rusting.  If you notice the rust has set in, repairs to save the lintels can still be made.  The easiest way to protect the steel is to prime and paint it, protecting against rust.

2. Mortar and Brick Deterioration

Not only does brick and mortar deterioration take away from the beautiful look of brick, but it can also cause serious problems if gone unchecked.  Chipping, flaking, cracking or separation is just a few of the deterioration signs you might see.  

This damage can be caused by extreme temperatures, or by moisture that is trapped in the masonry work.  

If you notice any of these or other signs of deterioration, it’s time to call in the repair team who is experienced in brick and stone mortar matching to blend seamlessly with the original masonry of your home!

3. Brick Erosion

If you notice that your bricks look eroded, you can blame the water. Some bricks are higher quality than others but even the best materials can face erosion due to water.  

If the bricks are eroded, they have most likely absorbed water into them.  

When temperatures hit those frigid winter numbers, the water freezes, expanding and cracking or crumbling the bricks. To repair your masonry in this instance, always trust masonry services with skilled masons can replace the damaged bricks with new ones.  

They can match the mortar and brick color to keep your masonry looking great!  Call in the professionals and have them take a look to figure out the best course of action.

4. Water Penetration and Excessive Moisture

If you have masonry work, you always need to be on the lookout for damage caused by water. The water can soak into the bricks, causing them to crack or break. Excessive moisture can rust the steel lintels, get into the bricks, and mess up the mortar. 

Water repellent products are made for masonry, helping to keep your brick from water penetration or excessive moisture. Again, a skilled mason will be able to analyze your brick and help you come up with the best solution.

Brick  and Stone is beautiful, timeless and a great feature for any home or property.  Make sure you stay up on maintenance and masonry repairs to keep your masonry functional, strong and looking it’s best.

If you notice an issue, it’s best to handle the problem immediately.  You’ll save yourself money in the long run!  Take the time to get it handled by a professional masonry repair company and you won’t have to worry about further damage or injury.

Lets get your Masonry Repair scheduled Today! Check out our recent projects or  contact us at (972) 217-0296 

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