What Homeowners Need to Know about Chimney Tuckpointing

The DIY home reconstruction movement is becoming even more popular day by day. And most people seem to be joining the trend with much gusto. But there are some considerations when doing DIY home improvements, especially if it involves handling chimney bricks.

Yes, brick is a hard and durable home construction material; however, the mortar that binds chimney bricks is not. It gets damaged by water or insects that tunnel into it.

Brick chimneys are especially vulnerable to weather and water damage. The mortar in them eventually gets eroded. But this can be fixed through a method called tuckpointing repair.

To know more about this, stay on this page. We’ll discuss in brief why chimneys need tuckpointing. This article, all rights reserved, will also include some DIY chimney tuckpointing steps you can try.

What is tuckpointing on a chimney?

What is tuckpointing on a chimney Chimney Tuckpointing | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Tuckpointing is the repair and replacement of old mortar between block, brick, or stone. As mentioned above, the soft mortar that binds chimney bricks is not so durable. Tuckpointing restores the masonry mortar joints between the bricks.

Masonry professionals like Alexander and Xavier Masonry will replace the existing but damaged mortar with a new one (tuckpoint). The mortar replacement matches the original masonry color and texture as closely as possible. Once this new mortar has been placed within the joints, it is tooled next.

Indicators that your chimney needs tuckpointing

How can you tell if it’s time to call masonry experts and have them replace your existing failing mortar? Don’t wait for your chimney to crumble. Look out for these early signs that tell you need chimney repair:

If you see mortar flakes at the base of your chimney, then it’s about time you get the mortar replaced. Flaking is a sign that the mortar is unable to safely hold the chimney together. To confirm, test-scrape your chimney mortar and see if it easily comes off.

Do you see cracks and separated bricks? Cracks show up if the mortar is already weakening. This is a strong indication that your chimney’s structural integrity is compromised and needs a repointing brick or tuck point procedure.

Another sign you should look out for is color mismatch. It’s a sign of deterioration and weathering. It could also be a result of a poor attempt at tuckpointing in the past.

So if you see a color mismatch or if your chimney mortar is not the same color as it used to be, call the professionals.

Why is chimney tuckpointing important?


Not all things are meant to last. Your existing mortar will soon fail at holding your chimney bricks together. With this chimney repair procedure, you get the following benefits:

When done right, it will provide water-resistant mortar joints. You get to restore your masonry materials to their original condition. As a result, the life of your brick chimney gets extended.

Water seeps down your chimney if its mortar is already old. With cracks and flaking, your chimney will start leaning to one side. Tuckpointing upholds the structural integrity of your chimney with the installation of new mortar.

With tuck pointing, you can prevent corrosion, weathering, and water leaks. You won’t have to spend money on major renovations. This is why chimney repair is more cost-effective than a complete renovation.

Can you do your own tuckpointing?

Can you do your own tuckpointing Chimney Tuckpointing Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Yes, you can do your own tuck pointing. Be sure to follow safety measures, though. For DIY tuckpointing, you can secure the following materials:

Once you have all the above items ready, simply follow these steps:

Not sure if you have the time to handle chimney tuckpointing on your own? Do you prefer masonry chimney experts to do it for you?

Get in touch with Alexander and Xavier Masonry today. We provide professional brick chimney services to residents in Garland, Texas.

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