7 Gorgeously Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas

The fireplace is the heart of the home.

It’s the most comfortable place, especially on cold winter days. A brick fireplace creates an incredibly relaxing ambiance for your family to enjoy – perfect for unwinding with a good book, a cup of tea, a few friends.

But is your brick fireplace starting to look a little dated? Want a cheap and relatively easy way to breathe some new life into your fireplace?
Why not try a painted brick fireplace? 

If you want to give it a try, keep reading to get some painted brick fireplace inspiration to fuel your next DIY home project!

Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas You Can Try Today

Give your old fireplace a second chance with one of these ideas. Some add a modern flair and others, a vintage look that never seems to go out of style. Whichever you choose to go with, a painted fireplace helps refresh your living room and add a touch of unique style to your home.

Let’s start with our first idea, which technically isn’t a “painted” fireplace.

German Schmear Painted Brick Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

The word schmear comes from an old German word meaning to smear. It’s a decorative mortar wash that adds a layer of personality to your brick fireplace that’s hard to achieve with paint alone. 

Instead of painting the brick, you trowel or “smear” (sounds so fun, right!) mortar onto your brick. Then, with a trowel or sponge, you wipe some of it off to expose the brick.
This creates a sort of “old world” look that reminds you of an old European castle or cottage. Plus, it’s a finish that fits in with all types of decor and never really goes out of style. 

It’s not too difficult to do it yourself, but if you’re thinking about adding German smear and want to make sure you get it done right, reach out to our masonry services at Alexander and Xavier Masonry in Garland, Texas. We love doing German Smear fireplaces!

Modern White and Walnut Mantel Painted Brick Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

For a painted fireplace that really stands out, why not paint it white? 

The stark white brick adds a touch of modern to your home. Plus, the white will look great regardless of the color scheme you’ve chosen for the rest of the room.

Add a dark wood mantel (like in the picture), and you’ve got some contrasting rustic warmth that looks really nice.

Note: Be sure to use a quality paint that is easy to wash. If you have a real wood fireplace that you use often, the white can get dirty fast.

Another inexpensive way to give your fireplace area a makeover is to whitewash it. This technique helps lighten the dark tones of fireplaces and add some color while still exposing some of the rustic charm of the brick.

Whitewash Fireplace Painted Brick Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

There are several ways to whitewash a fireplace, but the easiest way is to water down some white latex paint, and paint away! 

You can even use a sponge to simply wipe or dab the watered-down paint onto the brick, depending on the whitewash look you’re going for.

What if you want to add a touch of color when you paint your fireplace? Go for it! Depending on your home’s decor, try one of these fireplaces painted in different solid colors.

Red fireplace? Why not a green fireplace?

A dark green, like the one in the picture, pairs well with a wide variety of colors like brown or grey. If most of your room is made up of neutral colors, try painting your fireplace a vibrant green color to really bring the room to life.

Minty Green Painted Brick Fireplace Painted Brick Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
Black Painted Brick Fireplace Painted Brick Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

For an ultra-modern look, try a black painted fireplace.

A black fireplace, like the one in the picture, quickly adds a touch of bold elegance to your room, especially if you have a contrasting mantel.

Brick-Red Painted Brick Fireplace Painted Brick Fireplace | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

And if you want to keep the red color of your fireplace brick, but just want a fireplace that’s easier to clean, you can always paint it red with quality enamel paint.

Ready to Enjoy Your New Painted Fireplace?

There’s no better way to show some love to your brick fireplace than by giving it a simple makeover with some paint. 

Did you get some painted brick fireplace inspiration from this blog? Do you have another idea we didn’t feature here? 

Tell us about it in the comments section below.

Painted Fireplace FAQs

Should I paint the inside of the fireplace too?

No, only paint the outside. The inside of your fireplace is made of special fire brick. Any paint you put on the inside of your fireplace will just burn off and look terrible after your first fire.

Does brick need to be primed before painting?

Yes. And even before you prime your brick, you need to clean it well. Then apply a masonry or multi-surface primer that’s approved for use on masonry. Once dry, then you can paint it the color you want.

What is the best way to paint brick?

Once you’ve cleaned and primed the brick, you need to prep the area around it. Be sure to protect anything you don’t want to paint, like the mantle, floor, and walls around the fireplace.

Then, with a long nap roller or brush (depending on how rough the brick is) paint your brick.

What type of paint should I use on my fireplace?

As long as you’ve properly cleaned and primed the brick, almost any type of paint will work, from water to oil-based or flat to glossy.

However, for easy cleanup, go with something that has a little sheen to it since it will usually be easier to clean.

Need some help with your fireplace project? Give us a call at Alexander and Xavier Masonry in Garland, Texas for a FREE quote!

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