Pool Coping Ideas

Looking for some pool coping ideas? Pool coping is to your pool what a frame is for a painting, so you want to make sure to choose wisely. 

We want to help you so we put together 11 of the top pool coping ideas you can consider for your pool. 

Swimming Pool Coping Ideas - 11 Trendy Designs to Try

Natural Stone Coping

Natural stone pool copings give your pool a rustic, rugged look. This is a nice choice for pool areas with a lot of natural design elements like greenery, large stones, and waterfalls. Natural stone is also a nice choice for your pool edge since it’s naturally slip-resistant. 

Concrete Coping

Concrete pool copings are some of the most budget-friendly options, especially when the coping is poured together with the pool deck. But budget-friendly doesn’t mean ugly. It gives nice clean lines that help your pool blend in with the rest of the deck. And when done correctly concrete coping can even mimic more expensive materials. 


Brick coping pavers are one of the most popular products that pool builders use around the edge of a pool. They come in a wide range of colors and work well around curvy pools. Although they are a less expensive option, you can still use them around high-end designs like you see in the picture.


For an upscale look that’s part rugged and part modern, go with travertine coping. Its timeless beauty works really well with modern pool designs (like in the picture) as well as more traditional designs. Plus, like most natural stones, it’s super durable and slip-resistant. 


See the nice rounded edge around the pool in the picture? That’s bullnose-shaped coping and it creates a soft contrast between the pool and the deck area. Masonry contractors can form concrete to create a bullnose shape or they can use pavers that are cut with a rounded edge or bullnose edge.

Precast Pavers

Next on our list of pool coping ideas is precast pavers. Available as precast concrete pavers or pavers made from other composite materials, these can be manufactured to virtually any size and shape. Since they’re often available in curved shapes, they provide clean lines around curved pool shapes like you see in the picture. 

Contrasting Colors (Dark on Light)

Want to really make your pool stand out and increase its visual appeal? Then try contrasting colors. Choose pool coping that’s a different color than the surrounding area. For a more modern look, go with darker coping and a lighter patio, like you can see around this rectangular stunning pool design in the picture.

Contrasting Colors (Light on Dark)

If you want a more classic pool look, go with lighter pool coping next to a darker pool deck. 

Large Flagstone

For a pool area that looks like it’s a natural part of the environment, choose large flagstone pool coping. Like the idea in the picture, flagstone pool coping usually is part of a larger flagstone patio. It’s durable and naturally slip-resistant so it’s a good choice for wet areas.

Stamped Concrete

Want the look and durability of natural stone but without the high cost? Your masonry contractor can pour the concrete and then use special templates to stamp a pattern on it. It’s a budget-friendly way to upscale your pool’s visual appeal.

Stained Concrete

It’s no wonder concrete is one of the most popular materials for around swimming pools, there’s just so much you can do with it. Another idea is to stain or dye the concrete.

Some contractors use this method to make stamped concrete look more like natural stone. But as you see in the picture, you can also use it to create a contrast between the poured concrete pool coping and the rest of the concrete patio.

There you go…11 of the most popular pool coping ideas for your next project!

Why Pool Coping Matters

 So what’s the big deal with pool coping anyway? Here are 3 reasons why it’s important…

  1. Helps reduce your pool’s maintenance by directing dirty water and debris away from the pool
  2. Maintains the pool’s structural integrity by separating the pool structure from the surrounding patio
  3. Enhances the overall appearance of your pool (like a frame does around a picture)

So yes, it’s not just for the looks. It serves an important purpose too, which is why you need a professional who can install it correctly.

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