Outdoor Living: Transform Your Backyard
To A Fully Functional Kitchen

A Guide To Re-organizing Your Outdoor Space And Making It Family-Friendly

Nowadays, outdoor living is not anymore a trend – it is a reality and something that is visible in almost every home. It seems like more and more homeowners are transforming their backyards into smart and functional extensions of their home. Even if you live in an apartment, an outdoor kitchen can help you effortlessly cook and entertain your guests in a semi-outdoor setting.

However, the real beauty of outdoor living are the outdoor kitchens set in backyards. In a nutshell, this design lets you turn your space into a fully functional and luxurious outdoor kitchen that will easily become your favorite area of the home.

When planning this kind of kitchen out, it is important to consider a lot of factors and think of all the possible options. Below, we are listing everything that is important when sorting out through them.

Site Assessment: The Location Of Your Kitchen

First on the list is site assessment – or the position, location and overall assessment of your kitchen. Here, you should see if your potential outdoor kitchen location should be:

One of the most important decisions here is the relationship between your indoor and the outdoor kitchen. Simply put, if they are closely tied together, the outdoor kitchen can serve as an extension to your indoor kitchen capabilities. Even if it’s only a sink and a stove (or a fireplace), it can have less demands for preparation and refrigeration.

Tip: Make sure to check if permits are necessary in your area before starting out your outdoor kitchen project. Also, check out all the local area codes such as easement, permeable surface requirements as well as water and height restrictions.

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Installation: Planning Your Utilities

If you are building an outdoor kitchen in Texas, you should know what type of utilities you need. These are in general the utilities that you use most in your cooking or preparation of food. However, you should know that the location of your kitchen and the equipment inside can affect the installation of your gas, water and electricity supply and the budget of your project.

Some of the most important points to consider when planning your utilities include:

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Functionality: Divide Your Outdoor Kitchen In Different Zones

There is nothing more important than functionality in your outdoor kitchen. Speaking of, the best way to ensure functionality is to divide it in separate zones. For example, one side of your kitchen should be known as the ‘hot zone’, while the others should be additionally zoned for their utilities.

A rough plan of a functional kitchen with zones would be one that has the following:

The goal is to plan enough space for all the functional zones including space that supports each one.

Landing Areas: Making Most Of Your Space

Last but not the least are the landing areas – as the focal points of every outdoor kitchen. Basically, landing areas should complement your functional zones and are a fundamental part of planning your outdoor kitchen.

These should include the following:

  • Grill: 24 inches to one side and 12 inches to another for a total of 36 inches of clear space that is adjacent to the grill
  • Sink: 18 inches on each side for maximum comfort
  • Refrigerators: 15 inches next to or above each appliance
  • Cooktop: 12 inches on each side
  • Pizza oven: 24 inches on one side and 12 inches to the other

A valuable tip here is to use open shelves in order to increase your usable counter space (especially when it comes to small outdoor kitchens). Also, make sure to select proper equipment before designing your outdoor kitchen.

However, if you want to forget about all of these parts and focus on your ideas only, the best case scenario is to hire a professional. After all, outdoor kitchens can be very complicated – especially when it comes to planning the number of units, placement, location, seating and utilities.

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