5 Amazing Benefits of Flagstone Patios - Plus 3 BONUS Design Ideas

Amazing Benefits of Flagstone Patios - Plus 3 BONUS Design Ideas

Remodeling a backyard or outdoor patio area is one of the best investments you can make for your home. And flagstone patios are one of the top landscaping options for transforming your outdoor space into a safer, more attractive area that’s loads of fun for the whole family.

So what are all the amazing benefits of flagstone patios and hardscapes?

Let’s check out 5 benefits that’ll convince you a flagstone paver patio needs to be your next outdoor project. And don’t miss the 3 BONUS ideas at the end to get some inspiration for your new stone patio.

5 Amazing Benefits of Flagstone Patios

1. Flagstone is a Versatile Material

Flagstone is a very versatile material. Depending on where it’s quarried, you can find flagstone pavers that are rich hues of grey, brown, green, and red. So no matter what color scheme you’re going for, the natural earth tones will fit in perfectly.

There are also a variety of methods that can be used for flagstone patio installation. For a more permanent patio floor that’s easier to clean and more refined, the pavers can be mortared in place over a concrete slab after which the joints are filled with a mortar grout. 

For a more rustic and natural look, the stone pavers can be placed on a bed of compacted sand. The joints are then filled with pebbles or even moss and grass. See point four to get basic instructions on how to do this.

This is an environmentally friendly patio option since it’ll still allow rainwater to drain between the cracks and down into the soil.

You can also lay flagstone pavers in different patterns and shapes.

Flagstone Patio Pavers- AX Masonry

2. Flagstone Patio Areas are Safe

Another great benefit of flagstone patios is they are safe. They make great outdoor hardscape areas because they’re naturally slip-resistant. The last thing you want is to be running up the path to your door on a rainy day and slip and fall. 

Flagstone is a natural stone with a rough and grippy surface. It provides the perfect traction, even for the kiddies when they’re playing around the pool.

3. Flagstone Landscaping is Durable and Low-Maintenance

You don’t need any more work. That’s why flagstone landscaping is such a smart idea!

Imagine having less grass to mow or fewer weeds to pull! Installing a flagstone patio will cut down on all that work. 

All it needs is the occasional sweeping with the broom or leaf blower. Then in the spring and fall take a few minutes to give it a deep clean with the powerwasher. That’s it!

Since flagstone is a hard natural stone, it’s super durable even in high-traffic areas. That makes it a great choice for paths, around the pool, outdoor kitchens and porches.

4. Flagstone Pavers are Easy to Install (Especially for the DIY)

Another great benefit of flagstone patios is that they’re relatively easy to install depending on the end result you’re looking for.

If you want the natural rustic look, installing flagstones in a small area is simple and easy.

flagstone pavers - AX Masonry

How to lay flagstone for a natural rustic look:

  1. Lay the stones out in the desired area.
  2. Rearrange them until you get the pattern you want and take a picture.
  3. Remove several inches of topsoil and spread a bed of sand that’s 2-3 inches thick.
  4. Begin placing the stones back as you had them in the picture.
  5. Add or remove sand under each stone to make them level with one another.
  6. Fill the joints with sand, pebbles, grass or moss.

If you’re unsure about doing a DIY flagstone patio installation or want a more permanent and refined solution, it’s best to call the pros. At Alexander and Xavier Masonry we’d be glad to help!

5. Flagstone Patios Never Go Out of Style

What do wood paneling, popcorn ceilings, and shag carpet all have in common? They were once all the rage but now they’re the first thing to go when you buy a fixer-upper.

Flagstone patios aren’t like that. In fact, there are still castles in Europe with flagstone floors that are hundreds of years old! 

So unlike many home renovations that might go out of style in a few years and need replacing, flagstone patios are a worthwhile investment that’s worth the money, especially if you hire the right contractor to do a quality job.

How much does a flagstone patio area cost?

With so many advantages, it’s obvious that installing a flagstone patio is a really smart way to increase the value of your home as well as making it easier to have fun in the backyard as a family.

But how much will a natural stone or flagstone patio area cost? It’s easy to find out. 

Just give us a call now if you have questions about the cost of installing flagstone pavers and to schedule your FREE consultation with one of our masonry design experts.

Need some inspiration for your project? Check out the BONUS section below with three cool ideas and pictures for your new patio remodel!

3 BONUS Ideas for Your New Flagstone Patio

1. Combine the Flagstone With Another Backyard Stone Feature – Like a Fireplace or Grill Area

The earthy look of flagstone makes it the perfect combination for other outdoor feature areas. A flagstone floor would look great around an outdoor fireplace or in front of the grilling area.

Get ready to be the envy of the next neighborhood barbeque!

flagstone floor - AX Masonry

2. Create a Raised Flagstone Feature Area

With flagstone, it’s easy to create a raised feature area in your patio design. This idea could be used as an entryway step from the door of your house or even to feature a dining area.

Whatever area you plan to feature, having different levels in your patio design adds depth and a refined feel to your space.

Raised Flagstone - AX Masonry
Raised Flagstone elevated- AX Masonry

3. Try Different Patterns With the Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers allow you to do just about any kind of pattern. Choose flagstones already cut into specific shapes for a more refined and organized look.

randon pattern pavement - AX Masonry

Need some more patio design ideas?

At Alexander and Xavier masonry we have years of experience helping homeowners’ dreams come true!

Give us a call today and schedule your FREE consultation with one of our masonry design experts! 

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