How to Cut Flagstone? Safe and Effective Methods to Get Work Done

Planning to upgrade your home with a flagstone patio, walkway, or swimming pool? Know safe and effective methods to cut flagstone for small beautiful cuts in the end.

Before cutting the flagstone, decide what shape you need the flagstone in. Will it be regular or irregular? Knowing this will help you determine what method is best when cutting the flagstone into small pieces. 

You may use a masonry saw, circular saw, power chisel, or the traditional chisel and hammer among other machines to execute this process

Cutting Flagstone Using Power Tools (3 Methods)

Cutting Flagstone Using Power Tools (3 Methods) How to Cut Flagstone | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Power tools can be used for projects that need specific shapes or even cuts such as when constructing a swimming pool skimmer. 

Method 1: How to Cut Flagstone with Circular Saw

A circular saw is used to cut the flagstone in straight lines. It’s useful when you need your flagstone to be more symmetrical. 

The steps above also apply when you are working with a masonry saw. It’s easier to cut flagstone with the masonry saw although the machine is also very expensive and has a much larger blade. You may opt for a masonry saw if your budget allows.

Method 2: How to Cut Flagstone with a Grinder

Method 2: How to Cut Flagstone with a Grinder How to Cut Flagstone | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

The method of operating with a grinder is like using a circular saw. The difference is in the built of the machines. 

A circular saw has a base guard that is held against the stone and can be tailored for depth and angle. 

A grinder has a straight handle meant to be used handsfree. Here’s how to cut flagstone with a grinder. 

Method 3: How to Cut Flagstone Using a Power Chisel

A power chisel does everything a traditional chisel would do, only faster and easier. Follow these steps when cutting flagstone with this machine. 

Method 3 How to Cut Flagstone Using a Power Chisel HOW TO CUT FLAGSTONE | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

How to Cut Flagstone without Power Tools

If varying shapes, even cuts and precise edges aren’t a big deal to you, consider cutting flagstone by utilizing tools that do not need power to run: hammer and chisel. The chisel will do the trimming while the hammer will help you apply pressure to drive the chisel in. 

Professional Stone Masonry Repair in Garland TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

To sum it up, when cutting flagstone in regular shapes, cuts, and sizes, consider using power tools like a saw. For irregular shapes or cuts, you can use a hammer and chisel. Whichever method you choose, make safety a priority before embarking on any work.

It’s also best to choose the right material according to its affordability and ease. Better still, you can even employ professionals like Alexander and Xavier Masonry in Garland, Texas to do the masonry work.

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