HOme makeover: German Smear Before and After Designs

Discover the beauty of applying this technique in every home. Check out these German Smear before and after design inspirations!

These days, people are looking for new, exciting, and cost-effective ways to refurbish their homes. One of the most popular trends today is the German Smear. The fine German look has somehow gotten the attention of many homeowners. This is because the German smear creates a very beautiful brick style at an affordable cost.

The German smear is mostly applied to a home in which old brick sets need revamping. Through the German smear, homeowners rebuild their old bricks instead of replacing them.

However, some homeowners have been tired of the same old brick colors. They want to style and color their brick walls differently. Others want their typical brown brick house to be transformed into an all-new white brick. This creates a look that is unique from the rest of one’s community.

How The German Smear Before Looks?

Bricks are a natural and sustainable product. They are ideal to be used for home construction. They are long-lasting, but due to unavoidable factors like the weather, they break down. The great thing is that you can fix them.

If you need to fix old and damaged bricks in your home without replacing them, then German smear is the answer. You may apply the technique to old brick sets that are almost crumbling. You may also do so for bricks that have discolored.

At first, revamping the brick might be expensive, but the German smear is a proven cheap alternative to repainting and repairing a brick. You do not need to buy new bricks.

The Flexible Brick

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You might think you have little control over fresh red bricks. However, bricks are flexible. Several painting techniques like the German smear lets you do whatever you want to them.

The brick in your home is naturally colored in red or brown shades. But can change its look over time. Depending on which bricks will be hit by frost or the sun, the bricks won’t be discolored equally. This can create an awkward look of your home or brick fireplace.

The German schmear technique is an easy, affordable, and long-lasting way to cover a brick. It uses a white mortar that contains cement, sand, and water. With the German smear, your bricks will be permanent in a few years, unlike other methods. No wonder it’s the go-to technique for home brick painting and repairing nowadays.

Getting the German Schmear Look

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Should You DIY?

Whether you choose to hire a mason or do the job yourself, it will depend on several factors. One of the factors is the design. If you think you can’t manage to smear the look you want, then entrusting it to a mason is good. At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, we make sure that you’ll get a mason that is talented enough and is easy to communicate with.

Another factor is time. If you’d rather focus on other things like work, then you may outsource the task to a skilled mason. Lastly, one of the most important factors is your budget. If you think you are capable of doing it yourself, then go for it.

What You’ll Need:

The basic thing you’ll need is a bucket of water to mix the mortar with.

A premixed white mortar is suggested if you are doing it yourself. However, if you are capable of mixing mortar, then you may do so. This way, you can save up on the costs by just buying the raw materials.

You smear the mortar using either a grouting sponge or a putty knife. This will depend on the technique done, but the use of sponge is more common. You use the putty knife if you are focusing on the brick joints.

To get the brick style you want, a trowel or a wire brush is needed. You use either of these two to remove some of the mortar you smeared in case you put too much.

The whole smearing process could be dirty. Hence, it is better if you use old clothes, a garbage bag, or any protective gear. The use of gloves is also a must. If you may also add in your goggles, then everything would be a lot cleaner and less messy.

The German Smear Technique Application

Once everything is already prepared, it’s time to mix the mortar and water. The usual ratio is 70 percent water and 30 percent mortar. Experts say that the best mortar consistency is like peanut butter.

Despite those suggestions, it is still up to you in the end. If you want to emulate a whitewashed brick, then go for a thinner consistency. Whitewashing brick has almost the same effect as German smear except for the materials used. Instead of mortar, latex paint is needed for a whitewash brick.

After mixing your mortar wash, you have to prep up the bricks. You should clean your bricks so that the dirt would not mix in with the mortar wash.

After cleaning the bricks, wet them with water to make them damp. This allows extra time for you to remove some of the mortar before they completely set.

Now, it’s time for you to smear. Using the grouting sponge, get some mortar from your bucket mix and smear the mortar wash into the brick. Make sure that you apply the mortar in the bridges or joints too. This will ensure the permanent gripping of the bricks.

You may also apply the mortar through another smearing technique. This time, it makes use of a putty knife. With this method, you only have to smear the putty knife into the edges or the joints of the bricks. After that, spread the mortar into the bricks and design them all you want.

Sealing the German Smear

The mortar wash is already a compound that is permanent. It is almost like an automatic seal for your bricks. This makes the German smear very cheap and worth it.

However, there is an exemption to that. If your bricks look very old and worn out, it is suggested that you put an extra seal on them. You should buy a paint sealer for this. For the application, you may apply this before or after smearing your home bricks.

Characteristics of the German Smear

Artistic Beauty

One of the main reasons for painting bricks is the change of color. People paint their bricks white because of the modernist white and clean look they want to achieve. The German smear technique supports this idea.

Depending on the design and look that you applied, your German smear brick will look fantastic especially from afar. Several styles and designs of German smear are seen. There’s a cute house that mimics lego house. There are classical-designed homes that imitate German castles. The possibilities are endless.

After mixing in the mortar with the brick’s natural hues, it creates a fine, clean, and classy exterior. It also exudes modernist art at the same time. This is because you can do the German smear yourself. There is no need for crucial training when applying this technique.

Superior Quality

While it displays beauty and art, its physical quality is exceptional. Mixing mortar and cement makes the bricks permanent. If you applied a paint sealer, then the effect is doubled. It would take many years outside of the time of your life before the bricks crumble again.

The German Smear is also very cost-effective. You do not need to change or buy new bricks to overhaul the look of your home. With very cheap materials and reasonable contractors’ prices, you’ll have brand new bricks welcoming your home.

German Smear Before and After Projects

If you’re planning to apply German smear to your home, take a look at these inspirations!


The German smear is getting popular because it is both sustainable and flexible. If you make smearing mistakes along the way, you can always remedy it. This contributes to your confidence in doing it yourself.

Apart from that, its cost, effectivity, and aesthetic makes it a wonderful brick painting technique. You get both savings and beauty when applying the German smear.

We have shared to you number of German smear before and after photos for inspiration. We hope that this guide has helped you in seeing the beauty of the German smear. If you want to know more about this technique, you may review this useful guide.

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