Cantilever Coping: Cantilevered Pool Coping Guide

If you're planning to remodel your pool area or install a new one, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of them has to do with your pool coping.

Cantilever coping is one of the most popular choices both for its look and price.

So let’s have a quick look at what cantilever (or cantilevered) pool coping is and why you should consider it.

What is cantilever pool coping?

What is cantilever pool coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Cantilevered pool coping is a concrete edge around the perimeter of your pool. It is cantilevered, which means it extends several inches in from the edge of your pool. Its job is to create a sort of lip or overhang along the pool’s edge.

In most cases, the contractor will set up special forms around the edge of your inground concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass pool. Many can use forms that will leave a bullnose or other decorative edge instead of just square concrete.

Thanks to cantilevered concrete, you can have this option instead of just using pavers or bricks. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of cantilevered coping around swimming pools.

Pros and Cons of Cantilevered Pool Coping

Advantages of cantilevered coping

Advantages of cantilevered coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

In general, very little maintenance is required when it comes to concrete. Just sweep it clean, and from time to time spray it off with a hose or pressure washer.

Concrete is a relatively inexpensive material. Most of what you will pay for will be the labor of building the forms and pouring the cantilevered concrete.

But in comparison with using pavers, tiles, or brick for coping, cantilevered concrete coping is usually more budget-friendly. But that doesn’t mean it looks cheap. Well-installed cantilevered coping can give pools that custom, high-end look.

Concrete forms can be made to fit any pool shape and design. So it doesn’t matter how many angles, curves, types of pool ground, or levels your swimming pool area has, cantilevered concrete can be made to fit.

You can also choose from a variety of shapes and surface finishes. Concrete coping can even be stamped and tinted to look like a natural stone finish.

When done correctly, cantilevered concrete coping is one of the most durable coping methods you can install around your pool. With paver and tile, pools can be susceptible to cracks and they tend to come apart, especially with a fiberglass pool which can crack and fade over time. But reinforced concrete can add an extra level of durability both to your swimming pool and pool deck area.

Disadvantages of cantilever coping

Disadvantages of cantilever coping | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If pavers are improperly installed, they can be easier to repair or replace. However, poured concrete’s durability also makes it more challenging to repair if something does go wrong.

If it’s not properly reinforced and no control joints are added, the concrete coping can crack with time. And if the concrete isn’t poured all at once, there can be inconsistencies in the colors from one section to another.

Pouring can be a challenge that’s why it’s best to hire the pool coping experts at AX Masonry. If you’re in the Garland, Texas area, give us a call today for a FREE consultation!

While the overhand of the cantilevered coping gives you something to grab onto when getting out of the pool, more of it will come in contact with your body as you pull yourself over the edge.

And since the concrete can have a somewhat rough finish(so you don’t slip on it), it can be a little hard on your skin. That’s another reason why it’s best just to use the pool ladder!

Is cantilevered pool coping the best choice for your inground pool?

Why might cantilevered concrete coping be the best choice for your pool?

If you’re looking for a custom look that will be safe, durable, and help provide stable conditions to your pool deck, cantilever concrete pool coping is a fantastic choice! When done properly, it will last a long time.

Whether inground concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass pools, talk to your contractor about what decorative options they offer. Try decorative edging, stamped designs, and even added colors that can make the concrete pool coping job look like more expensive natural stone.

You deserve to get your pool coping and patio hardscapes done right the first time! If you’re in the Garland, Texas area, call the pool coping experts at AX Masonry by phone (972) 217-0296. Get your FREE consultation today! 

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