Bluestone Pavers: Definition, Benefits, and Project Ideas​

Bluestone pavers is a common addition to residential hardscaping projects. It is made from natural bluestone and makes any open space more stylish and attractive. Although installation can be costly as compared to man-made concrete pavements, they are highly durable and can last for a very long time.

Bluestone pavers can be cut in uniform shapes and sizes or carved randomly for a more organic look. The former would be easier to install, but irregular pieces provide better visual appeal.

What is Bluestone?

Bluestones are natural stones found in quarries all over the United States. Because they are natural, they are quite tough and longer-lasting than manufactured cement slabs when used in making pavements.
The colors of these stones depend on the depth where they were excavated. Typically, the deeper their mining source, the more beautiful and distinctive the colors could be.
Like many other natural stones, bluestones are porous substances. They can contain large amounts of water. Over time, the rocks would absorb so much water that they lose their natural shine and beauty. This means that a porous stone sealer should be applied to bluestone pavers to protect them.

Benefits of Using Bluestone

As previously mentioned, bluestones are durable stones that can withstand any type of weather and temperature variations. Their natural colors also give more character to any area. Their surfaces are innately rough as well, making them more resistant to slicks and slips.
These characteristics make bluestones perfect for pavement projects. Using bluestone will not only make your footpath safer to walk on, but it also exudes a rustic and elegant allure that would surely draw interest from your house guests.

Furthermore, bluestones are so versatile that they can be used in many outdoor projects. Aside from traditional pavements, they can also be installed as garden walkways, front door footpaths, sidewalks, stepping stones, and other backyard features.

Some Drawbacks in Using Bluestone

Some Drawbacks in Using Bluestone | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

The most well-known disadvantage of using bluestone is its cost. Mainly coming from Pennsylvania and New York, the cost of transporting bluestones is high.

Also, you must also be aware of fake or imitation products. Some dubious suppliers are able to copy the natural colors of bluestone. Some suppliers simply deliver a different kind of rock with a similar color to that of bluestone.The dark color of bluestones makes them absorb much heat from the sun. It would not be a great idea to install them beside swimming pools (except when there is enough shade) as they may scald the soles of your feet while walking shoeless.

Difference Between Irregular and Regular Bluestone

Basically, there two types of bluestones that you have to choose from when installing them as pavers. They are the irregular and regular bluestones.

Irregular bluestones come as the natural shapes and sizes of the stones themselves. The edges are jagged, and their shapes are unique from one another. They also have different widths, which makes installation much harder.

Some people find this irregular type more visually appealing than the regular type as they look more natural. It is as if nature itself designed a footpath inside your property. Others, however, like the regular type more as they look more trim and organized.

Regular bluestones, also called thermal bluestones, are uniform in size and shape. They come pre-cut by manufacturers as triangles, rectangles, or squares. They all have the same thickness, which makes installing them a breeze.

Bluestone Pavers Project Ideas

Bluestone Pavers Project Ideas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Bluestone pavers can be used in many different areas around your home. They can be installed as garden walkways or sidewalks, or even as pavement in a deck or patio where you and your family can relax.

Here are some project ideas involving bluestone:

1. Garden path

Bluestones are ideal for garden paths because of their inherent anti-slippage properties. Gardens tend to be always wet because of the need to daily water the plants in and around them.

With a bluestone walkway, you make walking around your garden safer and more comfortable even for your guests.

You may also opt for a stepping stone style of the walkway. A stepping stone footpath does not need a well-organized and meticulously-measured stacking of bluestones. All you need is to lay large pieces of bluestones over your grass to make an informal path.

2. Bluestone Patio

Bluestones are great for patios because of its durability and stability when used as flooring. A patio is a place where people gather together to relax or simply have a good time, so it is important to have a solid base that can accommodate many individuals.

A patio is also an area where portable kiddie pools can be mounted, so the flooring should not be slippery. A bluestone patio floor provides peace of mind that your kids will be safe even if the area is wet.

With the bluestones’ versatility and toughness, there are so many ways you can use your patio. The possibilities are indeed endless!

3. Front door landing

Another potential bluestone project is to have it as a landing in your front entry door. A front door landing is important because it is the last place where you stay before actually entering the house.

A safe, high traction landing is needed especially in regions where it rains most of the time. With a bluestone landing, you can be sure that you will enter your home without any injuries.

Need Bluestone Paver Inspiration ?

72 Top Bluestone Paver Images on Pintrest Click Here for inspiration and don’t forget to save your inspirations to show to your Masonry contractor.

Keep in mind, though, that to make the most out of your budget, it is highly recommended to hire professionals to do the job for you. Masonry contractors know what to do and can get it right the first time, saving you time and money in the process.

You may create your own design, but for financial and safety purposes, hiring a Masonry contractor to make your design come alive would be your best option.


Bluestone is a strong and long-lasting stone that looks magnificent when installed by paver experts. They come in different shapes and sizes, which makes them versatile to fit in any hardscape design.

Bluestone pavers are safe to walk on and are perfect for residential footpaths. They are safe for pets and humans alike, making them a great option to adorn your front yard.

Are you ready to expand your outdoor area?

Alexander and Xavier Masonry will help you determine the right stone and design that will work best for patio paver space. Our stone patio construction delivers value at a reasonable price. Contact us now for a free estimation!

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