Best Travertine Backsplash Ideas You Should Consider For Your Kitchen

In this 5-minute read, you'll learn more about why travertine backsplash tile could be the right choice for your kitchen. Plus, we'll give you some top backsplash design ideas and tips to get a kitchen your friends will envy.

So whether you’re looking for a refined kitchen backsplash to combine with your granite countertops or a rustic look to match your farmhouse kitchen, a travertine tile backsplash can do the trick.

A travertine tile backsplash is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Travertine has a rustic beauty that’s characteristic of natural stone—with swirling beige and creamy white colors that just seem to “click” with about any style decor.

Best Travertine Backsplash Ideas to Recreate

Looking for some travertine tile backsplash ideas? Here are some trending tile backsplash ideas that we think work really well!


Go classic with a traditional-style kitchen. The classic style is a nice middle-ground if you prefer subtle design choices. Go with mid or premium-grade travertine with a smooth surface and consistent coloring laid in a simple pattern. Or add a pop of texture with some travertine mosaic backsplash tile inlays.

1 class travertine backsplash | Alexander and Xavier Masonry
4 Retro travertine backsplash | Alexander and Xavier Masonry


Ivory and grey-colored travertine pairs really well with retro-style kitchens and bathrooms. We suggest going for a polished travertine tile that shines and then placing it in a subway tile pattern.



One of the most popular backsplash ideas is the rustic tile backsplash. For this, go with a tumbled travertine backsplash or lower-grade travertine with more imperfections and color variation. A rustic travertine backsplash like this looks great in Farmhouse, Tuscan, French Country, and Spanish Revival decors. 

It matches really well with a wood floor and antiqued cabinets. We also suggest combining different types of travertine to vary the textures and frame out feature areas of the kitchen.

2 Modern-contemporary travertine backsplash | Alexander and Xavier Masonry


Grey, silver, and light ivory travertine kitchen tile looks really nice in a modern design. It pairs well with stainless steel appliances and a cool-colored granite or quartz countertop. Another modern backsplash trend is to use larger rectangular tiles as big as 6″x24″.

Non-conventional style

If you want a kitchen that really “pops”, go unconventional. Lay travertine subway tile in a herringbone pattern. Put an ivory travertine backsplash over a black granite countertop. Or go with a dark travertine backsplash against contrasting white kitchen cabinets.

5 Non-Conventional Style​ travertine backsplash | AX Masonry

Pro tips for DIYers:

Here are a few tips we suggest you keep in mind when planning your next home improvement travertine project.

  • #1 Maximize Your Vertical Space
  • A popular kitchen design trend is to take the cabinets and/or backsplash the whole way to the ceiling. In addition to giving you more cabinet space, it also creates the illusion of higher ceilings.
  • #2 Create contrasting patterns
  • Instead of using the same type of pattern along with the entire backsplash, change it up in key areas. If the majority of the backsplash is laid in a subway or brick pattern, try framing out a section above the stove and creating a design within that section with smaller mosaic tiles. Another idea is to divide the backsplash horizontally with a decorative inlay and lay the main tiles in contrasting patterns in the top and bottom sections.
  • Choose a striking color or two and accentuate it: If there’s a color that really stands out in the travertine you purchased, why not accentuate it even further? An idea of how to do this is to choose a glass tile inlay that’s similar to the color you want to accentuate. The two tiles will add depth with contrasting textures while still complementing each other.

Travertine Backsplash FAQs

Why Is Travertine a Good Choice for a Backsplash?

Travertine tile has a number of advantages. As a natural stone, it is strong and durable so it can stand up to heat, moisture, and the occasional spill in the kitchen.

Travertine comes in a variety of earthy colors and hues that never seem to go out of style. And since no travertine tile is identical, you know that your kitchen’s backsplash is truly one-of-a-kind.

And when installed correctly, travertine is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Does a travertine backsplash need to be sealed?

Travertine tile, like most natural stone, is porous. When unsealed, it can soak up liquids and stain. And since in a kitchen you’re dealing with a lot of substances that could easily stain—vinegar, wine, spaghetti sauce—you should seal your travertine backsplash.

Is a travertine backsplash hard to keep clean?

If it’s been sealed, no. Just use a mixture of warm water and mild soap when cleaning. And from time to time it’s a good idea to use a stone cleaning product to help retain the shine and color of the tiles.

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