What Is Bullnose Pool Coping and What Are Its Advantages?

Planning a pool installation or remodel? Here’s everything you need to know about bullnose pool coping.

Pool coping can add a nice touch of style to an inground swimming pool. And the bullnose shape is one of the most popular options.

So what is bullnose pool coping and what options do you have when choosing it? Find out now in this 5-minute read!

Bullnose Pool Coping - Definition

Bullnose pool coping is pavers, tiles, or poured concrete with a rounded edge. Instead of a 90-degree angle, bullnose gives you a smooth edge that’s a little safer and more comfortable for getting in and out of the water. This is also a popular option for outdoor patio steps.

Bullnose Pool Coping Options

As you shop around, you’ll notice that pool coping with a bullnose edge comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and color options.

For example, it comes in shapes like…

  • Full bullnose
  • Half bullnose
  • Flat bullnose
  • Raised bullnose

It’s also in a wide range of colors and styles like…

  • Natural stone
  • Precast concrete
  • Poured in place concrete
  • Natural texture
  • Smooth finish
  • Tumbled finish
  • Regular bullnose
  • Remodel bullnose

So how do you know which to choose? Keep reading in the next section.

Bullnose Types, Shapes and Sizes

Here are more details about some of the most popular kinds of bullnose products.

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Regular Bullnose Pavers

What it is: These are paver bricks with a flat top and a fully rounded (or full bullnose) edge. These are probably the most common type of pool coping. They usually come in bricks that are 4″x9″ and 2 3/8″ thick. Because of their small size, they’re also perfect for installing around curves and patio steps.

Poured Concrete Bullnose

What it is: Poured concrete is a popular option. It’s strong, durable, and economical. Plus, with the right forms, concrete can be made into virtually any bullnose shape.

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Raised Bullnose

What it is: Raised pool coping is higher at the edge of the water and slopes down towards the rest of the deck. That helps direct water into the drains.

Remodel Bullnose

What it is: Remodel pool coping is made to be installed over existing hard surfaces. It’s perfect for installing over an existing concrete deck. This type has an L-shape that covers the top corner of the pool walls. Depending on how thick of a surface you’re covering, you can use 2 3/4″ or 4″ thick pool coping.

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Bullnose Color Variations

Trying to find the right bullnose color? Fortunately pool coping comes in a wide variety of colors.

Natural Stone: The color of this type of pool coping will depend on the stone and where it’s quarried from. Expect to find earthy tones with darker veins running through it.

Precast Pool Coping: This can be tinted to become virtually any color — grey, blue, white, red, brown, cream, tan, and more. Some can even be made to resemble the color of natural stone. With these color options, it’s easy to find one to match the rest of your deck.

Advantages of Bullnose Coping for Your Pool

So why should bullnose pool coping be one of your top picks?

  • The smooth, rounded style is safer
  • Bullnose pavers are more comfortable for getting in and out of the water
  • Available in plenty of different style, texture, and color variations
  • Can be used for remodels
  • Available in budget-friendly and high-end products

If you’re in the Garland, Dallas, Texas area and are thinking about installing a pool or doing a remodel, give us a call at Alexander and Xavier Masonry. We’d love to help. Call us today for a FREE consultation!

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