High-Quality Masonry Repairs In Rockwall

Are you looking for a specialty mason in Rockwall, TX? We're the #1 mason for your needs!

Welcome to A and X Masonry – your one-stop destination for the best masonry and concrete construction services in Texas. We are proud of serving the Rockwall and surrounding regions for many years.

Our skilled masons use the best equipment and materials while applying years of hands-on expertise to every single commercial masonry or residential masonry project.       

Masonry Repair And Tuckpointing That Tailors To Your Needs

We pride ourselves on the highest quality work and provide exceptional customer service. Our main expertise is the field of masonry repair in Rockwall, TX but we also do expert tuckpointing which aligns to your needs and gives you the exact project you dreamed of.

As true masters of the art of masonry restoration and preservation, we excel when it comes to masonry repair in Rockwall, tuckpointing services and coverage of both your home’s exterior and interior.

If you have been searching Google for “tuckpointing masonry repair Rockwall TX” and still haven’t found what you are looking for, we invite you to see our portfolio of stone and brick tuckpointing services in Rockwall and our past masonry projects.

Find out how A and X Masonry can help you repair your chimney in Rockwall and see what is causing damage in your masonry structure. Contact us today!

Expert Chimney Repairs And Fireplace Remodeling In Rockwall

Expert Chimney Repairs And Fireplace Remodeling In Rockwall | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If you have a chimney in your home, you probably know that it is more than just an elongated feature in your home. As a portal from the inside to the outside filled with brick, your chimney should both look and perform well.

At A and X Masonry, we do the best chimney repairs in Rockwall, TX and are able to restore or upgrade your chimney with a more functional and elegant appearance. From fireplace remodeling to chimney repair, masonry crown, and brick mortar services, there is nothing we cannot do when transforming your residential or commercial chimney.

Our skilled masonry technicians excel when it comes to difficult chimney repairs and problems such as tuckpointing, chimney construction, chimney rebuild, cement crown repair, chimney cap installation, leaky chimneys, fireplace restorations, damper repairs, and many other fireplace services in Rockwall, TX.

Need a chimney restoration or a new chimney designed for your needs? Call us today and request a FREE estimate.

Rockwall Outdoor Living, Outdoor Kitchens, And Outdoor Fireplaces

When the weather turns warmer, it seems like there is no better place to be than outside. If you are blessed with a nice yard, you can definitely transform it from just a backyard to the most functional space in your home.

Our team at A and X Masonry are known for this – our outdoor fireplaces and kitchens in Rockwall are designed to entertain your family and friends while surrounded by nature. In times when cooking outside is seen as the most pleasurable activity, we can help you achieve this through a focal outdoor kitchen in your Rockwall backyard.

Our Rockwall outdoor kitchen and fireplace services can show you that a kitchen is more than just a barbecue and a cooler of soda – and a fireplace can keep you warm while outside even when the days and nights are colder.

Whether it’s a birthday, the 4th of July, a family dinner or just a night out in the open, outdoor living is more than just a trend nowadays. Contact us now to see how we can help you transform your backyard into a functional outdoor living area!


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Alexander and Xavier Masonry is a premier masonry contractor offering high-quality building and repair of stone, brick, block, and concrete in the Dallas region. We love creating projects that will beautify your home forever. We build trusting relationships and deliver real value: craftsman-level work at reasonable prices.

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