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Alexander and Xavier Masonry is your residential and commercial masonry contractor in Carrollton, offering the best masonry services at the most affordable prices. We take pride in being your reliable and professional masonry expert and creating quality results which exceed your vision and expectations.

As a top choice for every home and business owner in Carrollton, we specialize in maximum client satisfaction. Our services are known as high quality and are coming at the most reasonable prices.

There is literally nohing that we haven’t installed or fixed when it comes to the masonry trade. Being in it for more than 10 years has given us all the experience, materials and satisfied customers we needed to expand even more and become the go-to masonry contractor for all clients.

We proudly offer concrete, stone, brick and various residential and commercial projects. From construction to repair and renovation, we can help you with your indoor and outdoor fireplaces, chimneys, outdoor kitchens and all kinds of materials. Below is a full list of our services in Carrollton, Texas.

Tuckpointing For A Leaky, Crumbling Or Damaged Mortar Joints

Brick Repair And Restoration In Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Whether you saw this or not (yet), you should know that moisture is one of the biggest enemies to your masonry building. Whether it is leaky, crumbling or damaged, your mortar joints in the stone, brick or block masonry can cause homeowners thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs.

Most importantly, when something like this occurs, you need immediate tuckpointing services in Carrollton. The repair process for this aged or improperly prepared mortar needed to restore your masonry to its optimal condition is called tuckpointing – and is a service that our team at Alexander and Xavier Masonry proudly promote.

In fact, tuckpointing in Carrollton is becoming more and more popular. Since it has an ability to restore the building and maintain its historical integrity, these services are one great way to improve your older building without losing its character.

If you need a structurally sound and beautiful joints which resist moisture in the best way possible, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Stone Masonry In Carrollton: Professional Stone Masons

Fireplace Construction, Repair & Remodeling In Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Stone masonry adds character and charm to any property. The houses with stone can be dressed and chiseled for a neat structured finish. If you have stone walls, pillars and entrances in your home, you probably need to service them accordingly and maintain their looks in all seasons.

Our stone masonry services in Carrollton specialize in all types of brick, block as well as custom stone. We also offer cleaning, repairs and restoration of old stone projects. Supplying many different makes of brick and stone, we are here to make your stone masonry better in many ways.

Even though there are masonry projects which vary greatly in their shape, our Carrollton masonry services treat all of our clients with respect, regardless of the size of their project or their needs. 

From stone walls to walkways, steps, foundations and lime mortars, we are here to listen to your needs and design a solution based on them. Contact us to get in touch with the best stone mason in Carrollton, TX!

Carrollton Brick Masonry Experts!

The Popularity Of Outdoor Living Projects North Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Brick is a durable, beautiful and can easily conform to your personal taste and style. At AX Masonry, we are here to revitalize your brick masonry and truly bring out a rustic sense of style to any different part of your home.

Some of the best services that we provide include patios and porches, retaining walls, decorative brick columns and many other services. The capability to repair all types of problems in masonry construction has given us multiple clients over the years and made us a leading Carrollton brick mason in the region.

Other installations of brick masonry include installations of pins that tie masonry facades to the structural backup. We also install thru-wall flashing and do tuckpointing as the best way to add years of service to a structure.

Hire The Best Masonry Contractor In Carrollton, TX

Outdoor Fireplaces And Outdoor Kitchens In Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If you are looking for a masonry contractor in Carrollton, you can rest assured that our expertise can help you in many different ways. 

Aside from our work expertise, our professionals can help you save money and time in every project. We can also help you maintain your stone and masonry units – giving you the best services that you can trust.

Choose us for your Carrollton home when looking for an masonry contractor if you want to work with a professional masonry  team, the best quality materials, work efficiency and all the things needed to make your house project successful. 


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