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Welcome to A and X Masonry – your one-stop destination for your home in Dallas, TX. Whether you need a masonry repair, an outdoor living space, an extension on your existing home, a new driveway, patio, fireplace or chimney repair, we can do it all and enhance the look and feel of your home in the best way possible.

At A and X Masonry, we pride ourselves on meeting all of your masonry needs. Below is a list of the Dallas masonry services we specialize in.

Brick Repair And Restoration In Dallas, TX

Our brick repair and restoration services in Dallas are ideal for damaged areas. With them, you will revitalize and increase the value of your home. Trained and experienced in the field, our Dallas brick specialists know how to match the brick, texture and color which is important in most such projects.

Whether it’s a minor crack in your brick wall or a major structural damage to your brick foundation, our Dallas masonry experts excel when it comes to repairing and restoring the structure to its original beauty. Our secret lies in the precise mortar matching and staining in order to match your areas and make your brick look like new again.

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Fireplace Construction, Repair & Remodeling In Dallas, TX

Need a masonry expert in Dallas specializing in fireplace construction? Or a fireplace professional that can help you with your fireplace repair and restoration needs?

A and X Masonry offers a complete set of services related to fireplaces. Having an extensive background in building fireplaces in Dallas and repairing them from water intrusion and construction defects, our professionals will build, repair and remodel your fireplace.

If you want to give your fireplace a facelift, leave all the renovation work to us!

Chimney Construction, Repair & Restoration In Dallas, TX

We all know that a fireplace is probably one of the most luxurious additions in every home. If you wish to add one in your home, our Dallas chimney experts can help you with all the brickwork, flashing and restoration.

A and X Masonry is a company specialized in chimney construction, repair and restoration in Dallas, Texas. We will make sure that your chimney functions properly and is able to survive all the harsh elements like wind, snow, ice and rain. More importantly, we will revitalize it in case of deterioration and damage.

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Outdoor Fireplaces And Outdoor Kitchens In Dallas, TX

Dreaming of spending the cool evenings in front of an open flame?

Our outdoor fireplace experts in Dallas can definitely help you make your dreams a reality. Specialized in a variety of different outdoor fireplace units, kitchens, designs and fire pits, we know all the nuts and bolts of outdoor fireplaces and can help you choose the right one for your needs.

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Now that you know what our Dallas masonry experts excel at, it’s time to go through your needs again and contact our teams. As a bonus, we will arrive at your place and give you a free estimate on any of our services.

Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace built from scratch – or a repair on your chimney – working with A and X Masonry saves you precious time and money!

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