Pool Coping: The Practical Purposes & Materials

Pool Coping – If your inground swimming pool is made of concrete, it definitely needs coping. Basically, pool coping refers to a cap on the edge of the pool – providing an opportunity for a decorative accent which enhances the appearance of your pool.

Basically, a coping is the material that hangs on to the top edge – and the one that you are grabbing on to when being next to the edge of your pool. Aside from its amazing looks, pool coping is something that offers practicality and function.

Covering The Pool’s Edges And Concealing The Steel Projecting From Its Walls

Coping is something that is mounted on the bond beam of the pool. Therefore, it covers the pool’s concrete edges and conceals the steel projecting from its walls. On top of that, pool coping is great because it prevents water from getting behind the pool shell. A lot of homeowners choose this type of coping in order to integrate their finish and tile of the swimming pool. If it is installed correctly, a coping can help the water flow away from it and into the deck drains – which is why it is positioned slightly away from the pool. Today’s choice of coping comes with a lot of materials and styles. From tile to natural stone and precast concrete, there are different pool edging materials and copings that help you achieve a seamless look between your pool and the deck.

The Cost Of Pool Coping In Texas

The Cost Of Pool Coping In Texas | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

As we said above, there are plenty of styles, materials, and ways to make most of pool coping – and different pool contractors that charge based on their estimate. At A and X Masonry, we pride ourselves on our affordable pool coping offers in Texas – allowing every homeowner to make most of their pool and enhance its function.

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