Stone Repair & Custom Stonework:
Professional Repair And Installation

Are you looking for professional stone repair or custom stonework, or stone installation in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas?

If yes is your answer, you landed on the right page. At A and X Masonry, we specialize in custom stone work with all types of natural stone, stone veneer ,cultured stone .

Stone walls, stone patios, stone columns and stone veneer fireplace are all part of our specialization. If your idea is made of stone, we can design, repair or build it from scratch!

The Value Of Stonework Nowadays: And How Can You Enhance It

The dawn of civilization left a lot of landmarks and monuments built from stone. From Asia to Europe, there are many fine examples of early stonework in history. Stone is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and natural materials to work with.

In recent years, custom stone work has been a massive trend and a way to showcase your identity while building solid foundations in your home. Basically, custom stone lets you revive an old craft and invest in nothing but strength.

Custom stone work looks good, is long-lasting and can be installed in homes and properties of all types. From commercial to residential, custom stone work differs from part to part.

However, the main idea is simple – to visualize an idea and build a structure that is functional, elegant and cost-effective.
Properly done stone work requires highly skilled masons that have specialized training in their craft – and ones that are able to cut and fit a stone product which is non-uniform in composition as well as blend its color so that it perfectly fits your environment.

At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, we are proud to offer these features to everyone and show our expertise. When it comes to custom stone work, we are the professionals that you want to hire.

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Masonry Stonework Repair From Fireplaces To Patios

At A and X Masonry, we take pride in restoring and repairing stone building facades. As experts in commercial, residential and historic stone work restorations, we encourage you to navigate to our gallery and see many examples of our top-level stone workmanship.

Our specialized stone work services always go beyond the expectations of our clients. With decades in combined experience, our stone work services include retaining walls, foundations and repairs as well as doing custom stone work interior and exterior, chimneys, concrete pads, sidewalks, stone veneers and columns, pavers, concrete inlays and stone pool coping.

A and X Masonry is your one-stop destination for professional stone work services. We work with our own equipment which allows us to keep our prices lower than our competitors – and give you the most affordable custom stone work for your needs.

Custom Stone Contractor In Richardson, Plano, Forney, Garland, Dallas And The Surrounding Areas

Our custom stone work is professionally done by skilled masons with more than 10 years of experience services offered:

  • Residential Stonework 
  • Custom Stonework
  • Commercial Stonework 
  • Stone Veneer Installation 
  • Stone Retaining Wall
  • Stone Mailbox
  • Stone Patio
  • Stone Firepit
  • Stone Fireplace

A and X Masonry makes most of the art of building things with concrete, brick and stone. Whether you are making a wall, constructing a fireplace or making your walkway functional, our custom stone work services are ideal for your needs.

Need Professional Stonework Or Stone Repair?

If you are in need of a professional stone work or stone repair ,stone restoration in Richardson, Plano, Garland, Forney or anywhere in the Dallas, TX area, A and X Masonry is the answer to your needs.

Stone is a great way to try something new and build a foundation that perfectly fits your needs, is functional and easy to maintain. At the end of a day, stone is an investment that increases the value of your home and leads to a huge enhancement in your life.

If you are interested to hire a stone work professional – contact A and X Masonry for a consultation on any stone work throughout Texas – or see our testimonials that best showcase our quality and customer satisfaction.

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