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Pool coping provides a beautiful and protective finishing touch to your pool! Proudly serving customers from the Dallas area and surrounding cities!

Whether you’re building an in-ground pool or your property already has a pool,Alexander and Xavier Masonry provides excellent pool coping services, from initial installation to replacement and remodeling!

Pool Remodeling Service We Offer!

Pool coping is the protective cap or lip that surrounds your pool. It both gives your pool a clean finishing touch and protects the edge of your pool from weather damage. It also helps keep your pool water from escaping from your pool! Here at Company Name, we provide high-quality pool coping services.

Pool Coping Installation | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Pool Coping Installation​

When you build an in-ground pool, there are lots of considerations to make. When deciding on a pool coping you must select the building material: stone, brick, paver, or concrete.

Pool Coping Replacement​ | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Pool Coping Replacement

Sometimes even the most durable types of pool coping will become chipped or cracked. It’s important to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your pool!

Pool Remodeling Service​ | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Pool Remodeling Service​

At Alexander and Xavier Masonry, our skilled team of masons and contractors can remodel your pool’s exterior from coping to pool wall!. We pool remodeling services in texas!

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Here at Alexander and Xavier Masonry, we can install all four types. We also provide a free consultation to help you decide which type is best for your pool and your budget!  

We’re dedicated to providing a superior end result that you can enjoy for years to come!

We are a local pool repair company that’s served the Dallas  area since 2009 with expert pool coping services. No matter what size, shape, or condition your pool is in, we’ll provide consistent, dependable pool coping services. Our experienced team is known for their expert pool coping installation, repair, and remodeling abilities!

Whether you need your pool coping installed, remodeled or simply repaired, Alexander and Xavier Masonry  can help!


Alexander and Xavier Masonry is a company that’s passionate about providing the best quality services and customer experience possible. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with your experience or services from Alexander and Xavier Masonry, please give us a call and let us help you to make your experience great!

Are you looking for the best quality local company to help you with your next pool project?

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