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look no further Alexander and Xavier Masonry is your trust Masonry contractor in Frisco and surrounding cities Frisco homeowners rely on us to get the job done right with quality and within budget.

Building a fireplace or a chimney for your home is not a simple process – especially if it’s you on your own that is trying to figure out the basics. There is simply no substitute for brick  and stone – and no substitute to the timeless elegance that it gives to your home.

At A and X Masonry, we are your one-stop destination for all your masonry and brickwork services. We work with the highest quality name brands and provide you with the most custom masonry services in Frisco that tailor to your most exact needs.

We are proud to represent the Masonry  industry in Frisco and the surrounding areas of Texas. From commercial to residential projects, we are very proud to have service Frisco homeowners for differents needs and therefore became one of the leaders in the region. Below is a more detailed list of our masonry services in Frisco, TX.

Brick Repair And Restoration In Frisco, TX

Our brick repair and restoration services in Frisco differ in many ways. We are specialized in repairing the cracks in your brickwork, restoring your brick pavers with proper washing and cleaning as well as building custom brick work from scratch.

At A and X Masonry, we are one of the largest masonry contractors in Frisco- specialized in commercial, residential and outdoor living spaces. From brick restoration to block, natural stone and concrete, we will help you with all your different needs.

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Fireplace Construction, Repair & Remodeling In Frisco, TX

Want to update your old fireplace into a beautiful focal point of your home? Or build a custom fireplace in Frisco that will increase the value of your home?

A and X Masonry is what you need. Our professional fireplace remodeling contractors in Frisco, TX specialize in all types of fireplace construction, repairs and remodeling services. In a nutshell, we can help you keep your home’s fireplace both functional and attractive

Chimney Construction, Repair & Restoration In Frisco, TX

Even the best looking fireplace is nothing without a functional chimney. The truth is, chimneys are the focal points of fireplaces. If they need work, there is no one that can do it better than a professional.

Speaking of which, A and X Masonry specializes in constructing, repairing and remodeling your Fireplace . From wind to rain, snow and ice, there are a lot of outside factors and elements that can affect your chimney – and our masonry teams are the right people you need to prevent that from happening with the required chimney repair.

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Outdoor Fireplaces And Outdoor Kitchens In Frisco, TX

Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens are a growing trend. We see them everywhere – from old backyards to new condos and apartments. Aside from its magnificent look, an outdoor fireplace can keep you and your loved ones warm in the chilly months and let you breathe the fresh air while surrounded by nature.

In the same way, an outdoor kitchen is ideal for having a barbecue during the weekend – or having a gathering with your friends. At A and X Masonry, we have lots of experience in building custom designed outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens in Frisco, TX.

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Now is the right time to decide what you need for your home. Whether it’s a fireplace remodel, a chimney restoration or an addition in the form of an outdoor fireplace, our trained masonry experts will help you choose the best solution for your needs.

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