Top 5 Reasons Your Chimney Is Leaking Water

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1. Rain Coming In From The Top of Chimney

This is a common problem found especially when there is no cover.  Chimney covers help to keep out animals, debris, and rain.  This is an important feature needed to prevent blockage, which could cause dangerous CO2 buildup inside your home.  Let us come and install a cover and put an end to your leak.


   2. Cracks In The Chimney Crown 

 The main purpose of the crown is to keep the rain out.  Shifting of the structure or shrinkage can cause cracks in the crown.  These cracks allow water to flow straight into the chimney.  This can be repaired with a coating material unless the damage is too severe.  If that is the case, we can help you remove and replace the crown.


       3. Condensation From The Inside Out

Older homes are especially susceptible to this problem.  You may notice paint bubbling or wallpaper peeling inside your home.     As people convert to gas, the low temperature and high moisture gas fumes may start condensing on the inside of the unlined chimney, which then ends up on your living room wall.  We can install a liner as a simple fix to this problem.


4. Chimney Repair Flashing

Where the roof and chimney meet, there should be  flashing.  This is a metal material that prevents water from getting in around the chimney, and it is usually sealed with tar.  Both the flashing and the tar only last so long.  We have better products currently available to flash and seal it to eliminate leaks now and in the future.


5.Leaking Bricks

Freezing and thawing with the seasons can cause damage to the bricks and mortar in your chimney.  Bricks and mortar both pass water.  It is important to waterproof your chimney.  It is equally important what you waterproof it with.  We provide an application that does not trap existing water in the brick but instead allows it to release from the brick without allowing it to re-enter.   

Whether you have a leak coming from the top of your chimney, the crown, condensation, flashing, or leaking bricks, we are here to help.  We have been in the masonry industry for many years and are here to help you find and fix your chimney problems.  We are sure you have other things to worry about besides why its leaking.  Let us take this item off of your to-do list.  Before you know it will be better than new, and you can focus on more important things!

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