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They say that finding the right masonry contractor in North Dallas is not easy. At A and X Masonry, we pride ourselves on covering as many aspects of masonry as possible - which is what makes us one of the best in the region.

For more than 10 years, we have served Dallas with all manners of commercial and residential masonry projects. We are a leading tuckpointing contractor in North Dallas too – with a team that is skilled and  insured so that you can trust the quality of our work. 

We offer comprehensive masonry services such as new construction, installation, design and masonry repair in North Dallas.

Each of the projects we make is done on an individual basis and our portfolio includes highly customized masonry and brick repair projects. No project is too big or small for us – and we are ready to prove our expertise to anyone interested.

Tuckpointing Services In North Dallas: All You Need To Know

Brick Repair And Restoration In Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Bricks are the gold standard of interior and exterior walls, chimneys and fireplaces nowadays. The industrial trends are implying that the use of brick should extend to other areas of the home, too. However, the mortar used to fill joints tends to deteriorate over time – even if the bricks themselves are still in good shape. This is where our North Dallas tuckpointing service comes to play.

Brick and masonry are something we excel at. As such, our masonry  skilled technicians are always here to protect your home and keep your bricks looking at their best.  Although tuckpointing can be applied to any type of brick construction, it is typically found on historical brick homes where the owners want to recapture the appearance of the home and its original thin joints.

Tuckpointing is often mistaken for repointing. The actual difference is that while pointing is the process of filling mortar joints during new construction, repointing is the process of removing old mortar from the joints and replacing it with new. On the other hand, tuckpointing refers to removing old mortar from joints and replacing with mortar which matches the color of the bricks. Then, the process includes embedding narrow lines of putty in a contrasting color down the centers of the new mortar joints.

If you are interested in protecting your worn bricks from mortar deterioration all while giving them a sharp  new look, tuckpointing is something you should definitely consider.

Masonry Repair In North Dallas: When And How To Do It?

Fireplace Construction, Repair & Remodeling In Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Alexander and Xavier Masonry provides a wide range of masonry services in North Dallas. We specialize in the construction and restoration of brick, stone and rock, granite and concrete as well as fireplaces and fire-pits.

Below is a list of services under our masonry repair in North Dallas which can help you understand what you need and choose the suitable service for you:

Patio Renovations

Patio Renovation| Alexander and Xavier Masonry

We can redesign or repair your patio and create a wonderful new space for you and your loved ones.

Concrete Repair

Why You May Need Masonry Repairs | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

We deal with chips, cracks and all things in your concrete which need immediate repair.

Concrete Resurfacing

How To Prepare Your Outdoor Fireplace For Fall And Winter | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

You can give your concrete a new and clean look with our resurfacing services.

Brick And Mortar Repairs

High-Quality Masonry Repairs In Wylie | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Get rid of any crumbling and/or cracks in your mortar with our brick and mortar repair services.

Stone Pointing And Repair

The Best Stone Mason And Brick Repair Services In McKinney, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

We are very detail-oriented when it comes to stone pointing, ensuring the best care and outstanding customer service.

Masonry Step Repairs

Honest Masonry Contractor in Frisco, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

If you want someone to fix your steps and make sure that they are safe and functional, this is something you need.

New masonry construction is easy when you have the right masonry construction contractor in North Dallas. Contact us to see how we can help!

We build and repair steps, masonry porches and reface interior fireplaces, rebuild wood burning fireplaces and repair deteriorated brick. If you are in need of masonry repair for your home and business, we are here to offer the highest quality masonry repair and construction services.

The Popularity Of Outdoor Living Projects

The Popularity Of Outdoor Living Projects North Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry

Besides tuckpointing and masonry repairs in North Dallas, our team also specializes in outdoor living projects. From outdoor kitchens to outdoor seating areas, we are here to create the backyard of your dreams.

Our projects start with our forward-thinking methods, innovative design, top-quality features as well as modern details which will all transform your outdoor living space. Handcrafted and unique in every manner, our outdoor kitchens in North Dallas will increase the value of your property and save you money in the long run.

With a solid construction plan for each day and week, we are here to detail every job and take care of all the small things while you take care of yours. The end result will be a home that is functional and a place where you can love living in.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

If you are based in North Dallas and need any of the services listed above, now is the right time to contact us and discuss your next project. 

Our team can guarantee professionalism in every step of the process – and ensure that you get the results you are looking for in  every project!

Outdoor Fireplaces And Outdoor Kitchens In Dallas, TX | Alexander and Xavier Masonry


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